Dealer said [email protected] 400 4-Season. Hmm?

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What can I say, I am skeptical.  Can anyone confirm that the 2021 has an enclosed freshwater tank or insulated with plastic somehow?  I know that most of the water lines are enclosed within the camper body but the dealer insisted that the coils from the Alde system keeps the insulated fresh water tank from freezing.
A photograph of the underside will quickly confirm my suspicions.
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    Not 4 season.   There is some corrugated plastic that acts as a belly pan but not insulated and unless something has changed they do not mount the alde radiators below the trailer floor to heat the tanks from the factory.   Several forum posters have done some mods to make their campers work for them better on the winter......but I wouldn't call them 4 season campers even with the mods.

    I had my dealer pull some shenanigans like that during my purchase.......we did not buy from them but a dealer 400 miles away.     

    I would drop an email to nucamp and let them know who the dealer is so they can offer some education to them......hopefully they don't screw someone over who is less cautious than you
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    Yup, certainly wasn't the case before 2021.  NuCamp often works hand in hand with the community and incorporates ideas, feedback, and modifications in subsequent models.  But I think we would have heard if they'd used the extended Alde mod in the new 2021 campers.
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    A 400 is 4 season capable!  Just need to head far enough South.
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    There is no such animal as a 4 season rated travel trailer where it functions as normal at all temps. I was actually told this by a salesman for a comany which makes 4 season campers. The insulation required for this would require a semi to tow it. Even if the tanks are heated when camped, you would still have to dump the fresh water and empty the pipes before towing unless you want to risk running the alde on gas, which has been advised against. You can camp in any weather in the Tab, but you gave to know its limitations.
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    The term "four seasons" isn't specifically defined in the RV industry, which leaves its interpretation very broad. IMO, when most people ask about a camper being "four seasons" what they are usually asking is whether or not the water tanks, valves, and other associated plumbing fixtures are heated and insulated so that they can be used in sub-freezing (32F) temperatures. 

    By that definition, the [email protected] 400 is not a four seasons camper. As others have mentioned, the plastic belly pan provides some protection against damage on the road and probably has some aerodynamic benefits, but it does not make for an isulated enclosure and the tanks are not heated. 

    In theory, the Alde boiler has the capacity to provide enough hot glycol for additional radiators mounted on or near the tanks and there are some owners who have gone this route as a DIY project. Others have added electric pads under the tanks to keep them warm along with electric wraps for the gray and black water blade valves and/or the fresh water inlet. But these things don't exist from the factory. 

    Now, if you're just talking about the ability to go camping in cold weather and you're willing to winterize the camper and forego running water in sub-freezing temperatures, that's another story. I can personally attest to the Alde's ability to heat a 400 to 65+ degrees with outdoor temperatures in the low 20's and wind chills into the teens. 

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    My [email protected] 400 is a “four season camper”  - as long as I have properly winterized the water/sewer system in freezing temperatures. ;)
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    I'll add that while it's not a 4 season camper, it is well insulated and double paned windows really keep heat in.

    And it's better for boon docking than most 4 season campers because of the low electrical needs of the Alde. Almost all 4 season campers expect you to have hookups to heat tanks
    and run furnace blower.

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    @skwhee has added tank insulators on their 400 and there is a pretty thorough thread in here, somewhere that covers that. It is definitely something worth considering if you a cold weather camper.

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    After we purchased our 2018 [email protected] 400 we wanted a way to be able to boondock in the shoulder seasons without having to winterize for a situation in which the temperatures would drop into the twenties overnight but warm up during the day. It doesn't make it a Four Season Camper but does provide more comfort when camping on the edges of winter and draws only 3.8amps while we are boondocking.

    Details of the tank heaters we ordered and had installed by nüCamp can be found on our website here:

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    Four season in a Florida only.  No [email protected] are not four season.
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