Finally brought her home - 2021 [email protected] 400 Boondock

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Hi All - 

Ordered January 9th, delivered from the factory to the dealer on March 20, picked-up by proud new owners May 1. We're excited to get her setup for our first trip later this month (to a private campground) and hopefully some more spontaneous trips as things begin to open up...!  

Some minor issues- the factory solar is not reporting any charge to the batteries- actually reached out to NuCamp yesterday and got a call back after hours with some possible solutions before we decide to take it to the dealer to fix... There is a slight ripple in the flooring between the head and galley - nothing too serious and we'll probably be putting a little rug/mat there anyway. A bit disappointed with the Jensen head unit and lack of DVD player but oh well... Storage is ample (2-way fridge version) and the new finishes are nice (the "Graphite" cushions are really lighter than they appear on the website/brochure).

She pulled pretty well on our trip home but thinking about a weight distribution hitch to decrease the "light in the front" feeling... could have also been our wonderful Michigan roads... The Colorado seems well suited to her. 

More posts to come as we get more familiar with our new 2nd home- camping in the driveway... We're trying to think of a name- Bo and Peep come to mind but I have a feeling those may be taken....  :)

Cheers & stay safe!

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    That is great!  Congratulations!
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    Awesome! Congratulations!

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    Looks great!  Awesome color choice as well!  Looks just like ours, except we have the large fridge option.  As far as the solar goes.  First thing I would check is to see if the wires from the panels are plugged into the proper place on the solar controller.  They've been known to be plugged in wrong.  Solar wires should go into the "PV" holes.  Sometimes they get plugged into the "load" side.  Then wires from "Batt" to the battery.  Have fun with the new trailer.  We've had ours for over a month now and have not gotten to use her yet.  We can't wait to get her out!  

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    Awahi, welcome aboard and congratulations.  First off looking at your photo, your Colorado does not appear to be too low in the back.  What I do notice, is the front of your TaB is high, when hitched on the truck.  You need to get a drop hitch, looks like 2-inch drop should do the trick.  This will improve the towing feeling, and since your truck is not sagging  in the rear, I see no benefit to a load leveling type hitch, these are normally found on rigs towing much heavier trailer loads, like an Avia trailer.
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    I use wdh with a honda ridgeline and the 400 don't need it for weight but its amazing with the big trucks and cross winds. Wouldn't tow without it.
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    Does anyone have a measurement for the coupler height on the 2021 [email protected] 400?
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    I just measured and the coupler height is 18" (to the bottom) - the trailer is level front to back- Now, as pointed out above- she is sitting a bit high on my TV... The height to the top of my TV receiver is about 18"...  In our zeal to pick her up we used a 2" rise based on the dealer measured coupler height of 20" - (which is correct, but to the top of the coupler...)

    So @Denny16 you are correct- I need to drop her about 2"....which based on my receiver height means I should use a straight (no drop or rise) hitch mount. 


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    Sounds like a plan to me.  I ended up needing a 2-inch drop on my Jeep a Gladiator truck, which sits a little higher without the trailer attached, so the tongue weight levels the truck up.
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    To get our F-150 to sit level when connected to our 400, I have my adjustable B&W hitch set to 21 inches height before connecting.  It settles in when hitched about as level as I can get it.
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    Tabfortwo said:
    I use wdh with a honda ridgeline and the 400 don't need it for weight but its amazing with the big trucks and cross winds. Wouldn't tow without it.
    A fellow Ridgeline owner, soon to be towing a [email protected] 400. If you don't mind sharing, what WDH are you using and did you have to make any modifications to the tub or frame to install it?
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