320 S or 400 with Toyota Highlander Hybrid

I'm in the market for my first trailer and considering the TAB 320 S or 400. I currently have a 2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid (stock) which I would like to use as my tow vehicle.  I believe towing the 320 S would work with the Highlander, but I'm unsure if it will appropriately pull the 400 based on tongue weight and GVWR etc.  I would appreciate feedback from this Forum to help me understand the numbers, considerations, basics about towing, and if the Highlander will pull the 400.  Thx!


  • trimtabtrimtab Member Posts: 149
    "All hybrid versions of the 2020 Highlander will be able to pull up to 3,500 pounds."
    Lots of information on this forum about towing. With that capacity and the stock HP, the 320.  
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  • VictoriaPVictoriaP Member Posts: 531
    The tongue weight on a 400 puts it off limits for a vehicle that can only handle 350 lbs, and the overall weight when loaded would likely exceed the 3500 lb limit on the hybrid. We do actually have quite a few people here and on Facebook who routinely tow the 320 with your vehicle and love it, as well as people who tow with the standard engine Highlander.

    So, if your heart is set on a 400, you’ll need to change tow vehicles to something with a minimum 5000 lb overall towing capacity (500 lb tongue weight). But the 320 is no problem.
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  • seanhydeseanhyde Member Posts: 2
    Thank You @trimtab and @VictoriaP, your responses are appreciated.
  • GrandmasKidGrandmasKid Member Posts: 119
    I've towed our 2017 Outback (like a 320 Boondock) 23K miles in steep and windy conditions with our 2010 Toyota Highlander. We haven't had any problems though our gas mileage varies greatly with the terrain. I'm pretty sure for something heavier like the 400 you would need a tow vehicle with more capacity. On a flat towing we get 16 mpg. Pulling way up hill from the bottom of Death Valley to Sequoyah NP 11mpg. Downhill with a tailwind from Durham, NC toward Atlanta,GA, 27mpg. Yes, the mileage varies a lot.
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