Bathroom Door Handle Escutcheon - TaB 400

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The outside escutcheon on the bathroom door handle of our 19 TAB 400 is loose rotating freely and flopping about on the axis of the handle.

Does anyone know how to tighten the escutcheon?



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    I think the outside escutcheon is supposed to rotate.  That said there should be about a 1mm gap between the handle and the escutcheon.  If yours has a greater gap it is likely that the handle is set too far out on the spindle.  You can loosen the screw in the handle and, holding the inside handle in towards the door, push the outside handle farther onto the spindle.  Then retighten the screw.  That screw may be pretty tight though.  I think mine was installed by a gorilla.  If you are not careful you could strip the screw head--then you will have a problem.  Don't push the handle so far in that it bears on the escutcheon.  That will create drag and make the door harder to open.  If you take the handle completely off there may be a large nut on the spindle that holds then escutcheon in place.  Again, don't tighten that nut too much or you will jam up the inside operating mechanism and again make the door hard to operate.

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    On our new [email protected] 400 the escutcheon rotates as well and this has scored the finish on the door. Not a huge issue, but annoying just the same.
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    They all rotate, mine does too, just tighten up the door knob to get a firm but easy to rotate fit in the knob.
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    I confess, I had to look up escutcheon. LOL
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    @JeffroNC I knew what it was!  One of those words not used much, but from
    one of those conversations of words rarely used. 
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    Unfortunately, my familiarity with the word is related to plumbing😒
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