A Small "Avia"

Has anyone heard that Nucamp will be coming out with a smaller version of the Avia? We currently have a 2018 [email protected] 400...love it...but we have found it too small for our comfort and travels. The Avia is beautiful ... but, in order to have one we would need a new truck! We have a Chevy Colorado Z71...won't tow the Avia. Heard through the grapevine that NuCamp will be putting out a small model similar to the Avia. 


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    Could it be the Barefoot?
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    Yes the Barefoot is the only new trailer design in he works at the present time, that I am aware of.  This does not preclude a new nuCamp design might not be on the drawing board?
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    The Barefoot will be out later this summer as a 15’-er. It will be roughly the same length as the [email protected] 320. Fewer bells and whistles, but just as luxurious in its own way.

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    No...not the Barefoot...this would the "child" of the Avia...smaller...but bigger then a [email protected]
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    You're not alone in wanting something roomier than a 400 but shorter than an AVIA...
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    Om3 said:
    No...not the Barefoot...this would the "child" of the Avia...smaller...but bigger then a [email protected]
    Customers have had numerous discussions on such a trailer. I presume nuCamp has seen those, but nothing from them has been posted to any public forum that I’ve seen. They were pretty public about the Avia for months before release, and the Barefoot for over a year now, I think we would have heard something about any mid size model already if it was coming anytime soon.

    Realistically, with the Barefoot going into production this year and the economy getting sketchier by the minute, it’s probably not the best time for them to expand their lineup any further. 
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    I don’t know what, RVs and Bicycles are flying “off the shelf” here in California, no one has much in stock, especially here in northern Calif.
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    Yeah, seems like RV’s are selling like hot cakes.  

    My wife and I really like the size of our [email protected] 400.  We live in Seattle proper and can actually park it on our property (pretty amazing IMO).   It also fits into all of the odd-ball campground spots here in WA and OR (atleast all the ones we’ve been to and some can be tight).  However, we have our first kid on the way and there are rainy camping days when the [email protected] is already a bit tight.  I could see a day in 5+ years where we decide we need something bigger.

    I’ve watched the Avia videos and I’ve looked at the specs.  Mainly because I find it interesting, not because I’m looking to buy. However at 28 feet long, it’s just too much RV for what we’d want.

    Looking at the AirStream lineup (who must be a prime competitor to nuCamp), the 23 and 25 foot airstreams seem like the sweet spot.  You get a full bed that both people can roll out of, without bothering the other.  You get a full separate shower.  You get a full table that converts or quasi converts to a couch.  We’ve also found that 23 feet is probably the max for many state and national sites we end up in.  

    Seems like that’s the next size that nuCamp should target.  
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    Yes, a 22 to 23-foot big Tab 500 or small Avia would be the sweet spot for small families.  Meanwhile, your TaB 400 should work for a family of three for at least 5-6 years down the road.  I sometimes sleep on the front (dinette) bunk in our TaB 400, it’s quite comfy.
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  • HomebodyatheartHomebodyatheart Member Posts: 2,216
    @1968Healey I don’t think Airstreams are a threat anymore as they are now owned and made by Thor, and numerous issues with new trailers are being reported. You’re now buying the name, not the old quality. 
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    Yesterday, I stepped into a friend’s Avia for the first time.  I must say I was thoroughly impressed; it is a fantastic trailer.  I really like the fact they have not gone the full 8 foot width like many travel trailers, yet made it feel very roomy inside.  Having said that, the 28 foot length is a lot to account for, and would rule me out of several campgrounds we really enjoy visiting.  If NuCamp could leave the walk-around bed area as is, and design out about 4 foot of overall length from the front, that would make a very nicely sized travel trailer, and would be an easy choice versus a Lance.
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