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morning everyone, we were wondering if the water pump needs to stay on if I am using the aldes heater after the heat comes on, when I am using my water tank as opposed to an external hose connect source?  Thanks for your help


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    @chris1, you do need to turn on your water pump when using water from your fresh water tank and/or Alde hot water tank when not connected to a water supply (e.g., at a campground.)  However, you only need to turn the pump on when you actually need water.  Regardless of whether I am hooked up to water at a campground, or am boondocking, I turn off my water pump when it is not in use.  So, the short answer is "no," the pump does not have to stay on.
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    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly
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    The pump doesn't use any power when it isn't running.  One of the reasons for turning it off is to prevent the faucets from being bumped or opened accidentally.   There have been several stories of owners having issues with wet floors, etc, from this happening while driving.  On my departure checklist, have an item for "pump off".
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    I I always leave the pump,off, unless I am using water.
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