Replacing Alde Relief Valve

IndieJCTIndieJCT Member Posts: 11
Anyone have experience replacing this part? Wondering if there's any tips or tricks to getting the pipes on either side to release from the old oneso I can get this new one in. Thanks!

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    There is an "How-to" video on one of the quick-snap-fit compression fitting vendor pages.  While this may not be the same brand as your relief valve expect the operation of fitting is about the same . . . enjoy

    First I've heard of anyone with a relief valve failure.
    Any interesting details/history to share?

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    I have taken them apart.

    You need to push in on the blue ring. That will cause the metal prawls to disengage from the plastic pipe and then you can pull it out.

    They work just like shark bite fittings if you have ever used them.  
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  • TabulatingTabulating Member Posts: 65
    By push in I mean push towards the fitting.
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  • Tabaz Tabaz Member Posts: 2,110
    I just replaced mine last week.  VERY easy. You can use the current clear vinyl drain tube, so take the new one off.  Make sure you're not on city water or the water pump is on.  Turn off the Alde.  Put a bucket under the trailer where the vinyl tube drains out.  Back in the trailer, flip the yellow knob straight up.  It will drain any water in the lines (mine had very little).  Unscrew the two screws holding the old drain to the floor. On the old valve, use a pair of pliers to push the blue rings into the valve.  This releases the water line from the valve (several Youtube videos on how to do this).  Simply put the water lines into the new valve and push it down into the old drain tube.  Hope this helps.
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    Timely topic:  winterizing today, noticed a pooling of water between the black membrane and the floor just behind the axle.  I was draining all the system including the pressure relief valves ( which for us has a history previously recorded in this forum (2019)as to relief valve failures and our dealer "fix" ( Nucamp not impressed by the now no longer dealer), and it turns out our hot water relief valve is now draining to the outside of the hose leading down through the floor and therefore water got pooled (looked like a waterbed).  Slashed the membrane to let it drain and dry out: will deal with the valve pipe in the the spring. The comment "first I've heard" - our then dealer stated they had so many issues with the relief valves (2018 -2019), they removed them from the trailers before delivery to buyer.  We only found out when I was looking for these valves and found spots on the floor where they should have been.  Dealer did not quite appreciate the concept of "pressure relief" and why the valves needed to be there.     
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    Thanks everyone. I'll give it a shot. In my case, the relief valve didn't fail, but the pipe at one end was leaking pretty good when we turned on the water pump. The factory thinks it's maybe the connector that's cracked or damaged, because I can't get the pipe to sit any further in. So going to give this replacement a go.
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    Check to make sure the pipe is not cut at an angle and is free of burrs. That could be why the old connection was leaking. 
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    They usually make a small "tool" to push the holding-ring in - at least they do for Sharkbite brand.  If you know the brand of fitting, you may be able to get something similar.  My experience with Sharkbite is that sometimes they come apart easy-peasy, and sometimes it's more cuss-n-moan.
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    Could it be that some are closing the relief valve after draining the Alde and residual water finds its way to the valve and freezes; thus causing failure of the valve ?
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  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 3,292
    Not likely, any residual water in it freezing would just release the valve, it is spring loaded, so the spring bit will allow the valve to open, as pressure is applied from freezing water.  
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  • AaronCAaronC Member Posts: 56
    I think I need to replace my safety drain valve. Anyone know where I can get that part? 
  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Moderator Posts: 7,583
    If you don’t want to order through your dealer, I recommend ordering through Missouri Teardrop Trailers.  They are a good dealer to help source parts.

    @IndieJCT - where did you get your replacement Alde Safety/Drain Valve?
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  • AaronCAaronC Member Posts: 56
    thanks for the info! now the scary part: if it flows--water or electricity--I'm bound to screw things up trying to fix it.
  • AaronCAaronC Member Posts: 56
    IndieJCT said:
    Anyone have experience replacing this part? Wondering if there's any tips or tricks to getting the pipes on either side to release from the old one so I can get this new one in. Thanks!

    Hi! Questions questions. Did you manage to replace?? And where did you order the new part from??? I'm going to have to travel this same road, so any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  • BaylissBayliss Member Posts: 1,016
    @AaronC, I Googled the part and found this.  Looks just like the one in the photo above.  (Lesson to be learned about the above photo is to also take a pic of the part # side of the package.  It's only partially visible, plus reversed.  Regardless, the part # at the link appears to be different than depicted above.)
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  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Moderator Posts: 7,583
    I just toggled the drop down list under the photo @Bayliss and came up with this - the 1/2 inch version for the Alde 3020 HE.  Can owners purchase directly from Alde now?

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