S versus CS

Ok, so we had an S model and dearly miss it. 
We recently went and checked out a CS-S boondock 2021 and thought the new bathroom layout is fantastic! Cassette doesn't scare me much.
Just curious how many people go for the CS in relation to the S and why?
Awning ideas for the rear hatch?
It would be interesting to know the production ratio of Clamshells in relation to the S from Nucamp.
We never cook inside and believe the extra storage where the fridge would have been is a bonus. Not too excited about that itty-bitty fridge they opted to install in the CS but, I guess that's why people carry extra coolers.


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    The S model probably accounts for at least 75 - 80% of their 320 sales.  I remember having this conversation with someone at nuCamp and we were shocked at the ratio because we love our CSS.  People - especially couples - opt for the longer bed and inside kitchen - even though most owners admit to almost exclusively cooking outside.  They like the idea of being able to cook indoors with in climate weather.  We have no problem sleeping side to side and don’t mind climbing over the other for those infrequent midnight runs.

    Regarding the galley cover, we have used a 10 x 10 pop up.  It has to have adequate height on the lower framing and high enough to accommodate the open hatch.  We use the Ozark Trail (Walmart) brand.  We have actually lifted the entire pop up over the top of the TaB to shade it from extreme sun.  The pop up weighs 40#.  We now almost always use a light weight, polyester and fiberglass pole shelter to cover the galley area.  Really easy, multiple ways to arrange and can be dropped down to cover outdoor items with wind and rain in the forecast.  They are made by KingCamp and are sometimes called Laputa.  Not sure if Amazon still carries them.  I think there was a run on them this past year😂

    Check out this thread for pictures:


    Here is another way to use the KingCamp:

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    lots of debate about this
    seems like the deciding factor often is do ever want the option of indoor cooking
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    I'm just lazy. I don't want to have to open more than one door to get to everything in my [email protected]  ;-)

    More importantly, the smaller bed in the CS-S would be the deal breaker for me. A front-to-back sleeping arrangement was high on the wish list when we first started looking at campers. Was surprised to find it in such a small package. YMMV. 
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    Besides our 2016 CS S we have a Keystone Outback 21RS. When we’re using that, and eating at the picnic table, we’re always going back in to get something from the fridge or out of the cabinets. With the clamshell, it’s so nice to have everything outside with you. Dennis 
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    PedlinPT said:

    Just curious how many people go for the CS in relation to the S and why?
    Awning ideas for the rear hatch?

    I've had a [email protected] clamshell for a few years now. The clamshell suits me and suits the kind of camping that I do. I grew up camping and backpacking and I kept car camping well into my 50s. I just wanted a cozier bed and door that locks at night so I would feel safer on my own. I mostly camp in state parks and national forests. So my [email protected] is really a glorified tent and I'm inside it just to sleep and change clothes. I love having the kitchen at the back and I invite tent-camping friends to share my campsite and cooking gear at least 1-2x a year. 

    If your intention is to use the [email protected] to visit friends & family (driveway camping), for long road trips involving overnight stops at Cracker Barrel or Cabelas, for Harvest Hosting, or to stay at RV parks, I don't think that I'd recommend the clamshell. 

    I put a CLAM traveler shelter behind the kitchen for shelter. I also have WingWalls for the sides. And I recently got a big nylon tarp shelter that I can use it as a rainfly over the clamshell hatch and the CLAM in bad weather. Someone recently posted this and I thought that it could be made into a good awning for a clamshell. I have a Coleman screen house that I used to put over the back but it was a pain to set up by myself. If you're a couple something like that might be better than the CLAM.

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    We're in the CS-S group.  We got it for many of the same reasons others stated above.  For us, it's more of a camper than a travel-trailer.  My wife and I are not tall but sleep diagonally (feet toward the door).  I'd like to replace our 10x10 tailgate tent for the lighter weight King-Camp style awning.  I can't imagine giving up the inside drawer space for a fridge. 
    If you choose the Outback/Boondock model the rear galley counter height may be taller than you like. 
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    This has worked for years for us. We did modify the legs on the trailer side. I used 2’ of 1/2” pvc to extend the legs so it clears the top of the trailer.

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    @Dalehelman, what is that awning?

    And the door clears the roof!

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    We bought ours about 5 years ago on Amazon. At that time it was about $165. Now the 15”x15” appears to be over $400. It has worked very well for us and I would buy another in a minute even at the current price. At the time we bought ours I thought it was a steel. I guess it was. I did extend the legs on one side by 24” in order to clear the top of the trailer. It’s quite easy 1/2” PVC pipe works perfectly. For a time they unavailable in the 15x15 size. It also came in a 12’x12’. It looks like they are coming from the UK. Shipping costs are probably the reason for the much higher price.

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    Learn more: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B000YEMOM4/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_imm_awdb_0JPRM749E2R3FJ51C7AT
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    @Tampakayaker Is the one in the pic a 15x15?
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    I am a new "second hand" [email protected] 320 S owner. There were no other [email protected]'s available. While I think I would be happy with either an S or a CS-S, I live in a rainy climate and love camping off grid and in the off-season. Having the indoor kitchen is rather nice, especially for morning coffee, but it does mean that I am careful not to bring smelly food on my trips, especially if it needs to be cooked. 
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    Very similar discussion with some additional insights here:
    The CS definitely fits our desires and travel style best.
    Have fun!

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    We're CS-S owners..love the outdoor kitchen. We owned a [email protected] previously and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I could be making dinner, doing cleanup while participating in a conversation with others. We think of this as an upsized version of the [email protected] although this bed is smaller. And LOVE the storage within the trailer, and we can reach snacks without getting out of bed...lol! Before you purchase actually get in, lie down and pretend you're camping.. you'll figure it out! Best of luck!
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