Finally [email protected] Parks at Home

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Not really an introduction . . . did that several years ago.

Prior to getting a [email protected] 320S my primary recreation/activity was boating. For nearly 30-years boat(s) were in marina slips, great for boating not so great for maintenance.  After switching to the [email protected] was still living in restrictive HOA (or apartments) so have been using various RV Storage places.  Really not all that expensive but pre-trip post-trip loading and maintenance could get complicated as so many of you fellow Tabbers know.

Well that all ends today.  As I recently purchased a home without an HOA, yesterday a gravel RV space was completed
and today my [email protected] is home!
   The [email protected] is here,
   my tools are here,
   cold beer is here (without a driving concern),
   Life is Good.

P.S. 1   Had to share, none of my Family or Facebook crowd would understand.

P.S. 2   In 16-months will breakeven on paying to have gravel installed vs space rental - - - excluding the
          cost of gas to/from storage or the extra mental planning needed for every little task/project. ;)

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