Flojet macerator?

Has anyone here used a Flojet Macerator Pump to pump the contents of your waste tanks into a home toilet? If so, I have questions! We have a 2018 [email protected] 400. Where we need to park in our driveway is tight up against a banking, which makes using the slinky hose and a bucket difficult. 

How well does it work? I would need to pump about 60-65 feet in distance, and maybe an elevation of 3 feet at the most.

Can it run off a regular car battery? Could I buy one just for that purpose and keep it on a trickle charger when not in use? The battery in my 2018 [email protected] 400 is not easily accessed.

This could be a game changer for quick weekend trips to local Harvest Host locations! It can be a challenge to find a dump station, and we like to use our facilities if at all possible. If I knew I could easily dump in the toilet at home, I'd never have to worry about it again!


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