Aluminum vs AluFiber Exterior Skin Material on 2004-2007 [email protected] ?

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Looking at 2004 - 2007 DM [email protected] brochures:

2004 brochure lists 1 skin material: Clear coat one-piece aluminum
2005 brochure lists 3 skin materials:
  Durable white fiberglass
  Classic one-piece, anodized, clear-coated aluminum
  White AluFiber, combines aluminum with fiberglass to create a hi-gloss, impact-resistant finish
2006 brochure lists 1 skin material: AluFiber (colors white or silver)
2007 brochure lists 1 skin material: AluFiber (colors white, silver, aqua, red, yellow)

Does this information match the 2004-2007 DM [email protected] that forum members own ? I wanted to confirm that 2004 [email protected] are always aluminum skin for roof and walls. Is there an advantage or disadvantage of aluminum vs AluFiber ?
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    @MikeT,  Yes, this is correct - I think Dutchman was experimenting with exterior materials.
    Unknown if all '04's are aluminum.  
    One drawback of the aluminum is denting - we have hail, gravel, and walnut dents on ours.
    All alufiber skinned are painted which makes them a lot shinier.
    Fiberglass skinned are like boats - need a refresher of the gel coat every few years.

    Someone above my pay grade may need to fully answer you.
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    Fiberglass skinned are like boats - need a refresher of the gel coat every few years.   Sorry, but properly laid and gelcoated fiberglass only needs to be cleaned and polished to maintain its original finish, not a new gelcoat applied.
    The only time gelcoat needs replacing is when it is damage or cracked, requiring some repairs.  Any good fiberglass marine polish can take a dull gelcoat ( from oxidation) and being it back to its original luster.
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