Alde heater will not keep running

I have a 2021 320 bd with an alde 3020 HE heater.  It starts to light then shuts off. I have filled glycol, changed the 7.5 fuse, tilted it up and down, reset it, cut battery power, tried propane priority, electric only, and priority, and restarted it... the icon on the control panel is showing. PLEASE  .. what else can I check?


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    Hi,  Can you provide a bit more detail on what you mean by "it starts to light then shuts off".   Do you mean the propane burner lights and shuts down?   What is shutting off?  The control panel?  Does it not work with either propane or electric?   tks
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    The Alde is just like a heater in any other place: it has a thermostat that will regulate the temperature.  It will shut off when it reaches the preset temp you ask for, and then shut down until the temp drops.
    If you aren't getting any error messages, the Alde Exercise routine of moving the trailer up and down isn't really doing much.  Checking the glycol is a good idea.  The fuse(s) on top of the Alde are only an issue if the control panel does not light up.
    So: are you getting any error messages on the control panel?  Gas Failure, etc? 
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    How about showing us some screenshots of the control panel settings.  
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    Can I please piggyback on this discussion?
    Our Alde heats but no air is coming out the back or under the seats. The unit itself is nice and hot. We lifted the seat to check. We are winter campers and that 4° below almost made us head home…almost.
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    @ColleenD2 did you check the glycol level?
    (edit: re-read original post ... yes you did)
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    When you say air, you mean you can’t feel any heat?  The Alde radiator/convectors work via convection.  Make sure that the vents at the floor are not blocked.  That area allows cooler air to enter which then rises to escape the tops vents as heated air.
    Also, crack the front window and the roof vent which can help move air.  Have you adjusted the Alde pump at all?  It should be on 1.5 to 2 and it must be adjusted manually.  In general, the TaB will struggle in extreme temps as it is not a 4 season camper.  We’re you plugged in with both elements and have the LPG on?
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    Thank you. It struggled in cool not cold this fall as well. In the past, I could feel the heat coming out the crack in the back by our heads as well as the little vents under the seat on the door side. If we roll our bedding and block that back, the bedding would get really hot. We didn’t have any residual heat on the bedding this fall/winter and I don’t feel anything by my feet. When we were sleeping I could feel the warmth under me which is normal. It reminds me of my brothers waterbed when I was a kid.  lol

    We have camped year-round and had no troubles. We’ve been to -6 before as well as multiple trips where it snowed.  9 inches is our best. We heard it was coming and had a week of vacation so we parked our self at a state park and enjoyed the snow. By the time we went home the roads were clear because we don’t want to get salt under that beauty.

    I will check to make sure we are between 1.5 and 2.

    thanks! Have a great day!
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    The glycol level is important in this case.  The glycol is pumped "around" the trailer, and if there isn't enough glycol, it won't heat the pipes and convectors enough.  So, have a good look at the glycol tank when you have a chance to cool the Alde off.
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    Thx to everyone who is helping. Let's warm air in back as when was working. No error messages on screen.. sounds like it is lighting but then shuts off with icon on screen remaining on. Glycol is all good .. ambient temp 49f with alde set at 76f outside temp in 40sf.. I have tried electric only and electric priority over propane.. I will try to attach screen shots. Thx again! Rox
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    Temp is in 70's because of portable heater. I tested with no auxiliary heat and Alde did not heat up.
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    Hopefully this helps.. sorry for the sideways ones..
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    Check the settings for the circulation pump.  You want it set to Therm not Continuous.  The glycol has heated adequately.
    If you can, turn it up to 2 KW electric.  Are you sure you have enough propane?

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    Sharon_is_SAM.. I set the pump on thermostat difference in performance. The 1w is because u M sharing a 20 amp fuse . I have bumped it to 2w to experiment but no difference. I have had many hours of comphey heat b4 it decided to give me fits on 1w.. Yes, plenty of propane. Good ideas though..thank you. Rox
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    Should there be fan rotation? Amps?
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    CollenD2.. I think we are having the same issue.  
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    The screen shot of the service panel shows glycol and water at ~ 180F so whatever heat source was selected is working (you have hot water, correct ?). This would indicate that the circulation pump isn't running, or not running long enough. How did you determine that "It starts to light then shuts off" ? If you are referring to a whirring noise that's either the pump or the exhaust fan. Set the pump to continuous operation and you should be able hear and feel the pump running (the pump is on the side of the Alde unit). 
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    Are you able to access the glycol lines leading to the convectors?  Are they hot?  Crack the front window and the roof vent to get some air flow.  Are the vents near the floor free of blockage?  Lastly, have you calibrated the thermostat?
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    As mentioned by others it appears the Alde is heating fine but the glycol is not circulating.  As mentioned by @Sharon_is_SAM under normal circumstances the pump should be set the therm and not continuous.  However for testing do what @Grumpy_G mentioned and set it to continuous.  You should hear the pump running.  Also look at your glycol expansion tank and you should see the glycol churning around in the tank.  That will indicate the glycol is actually being pumped through the pipes.  If you hear the pump running but do not see the glycol movement then check the settings that are actually on the circulation pump and make sure they are not turned all the way down.  If so turn them up to get things moving.  If the pump is on a high enough setting and still no movement then you may have an air lock and need to bleed the air out of the lines.  If you don't hear the pump running at all, even after turning the pump up to it's highest setting, then the pump is not working. 

    Also the Alde will turn itself on and off during normal operation.  Once the glycol temp gets to a certain temp the heating will turn off, but glycol will still circulate, then will turn back on when the temp drops to a certain point.  This is very noticeable when running on propane as you can hear the burner shut down.  It's harder to notice on electric only. 

    Even though the Alde takes a long time to heat up, compared to forced air furnaces, they work pretty well even in cold temps.  We've had overnight lows in the negatives and single digits for the past few weeks and I just fired ours up the other day, I usually turn it on once a month over the winter, and in the first hour it rose the interior temp in our 400 from 19 degrees to 39 degrees.   

    Here is a pic of the pump with the dial to adjust the settings.  Make sure it is not set down on 1. 

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    If everything else,is working correctly, and the boiler tank is heating the glycol, which it appears to be doing in the screen shot, then the circulation pump has failed.  Time to have a service tech check it out, a new pump may be needed.
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    OK, I'm reaching here:  any chance you have a day/night automation set?  Have you tried it just on battery with Propane?
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    Check your 12V fuses - Do any of them have a light on?

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    While the issue @Roxannem1 describes does sound like a possible circulation pump setting/failure.  If that path of investigation does not I.D. or resolve the issue . . . consider:

       A)  Open the "Activated Menu" and turn-off any of the fancy features that are causing the
             "A" - Activated Menu symbol to appear.  I personally never use any of those features.
             Having one or more 'on' might be confusing the operation and/or troubleshooting.

      B )   Consider using the 'RESET' to reset all the control logic to factory defaults.
            After doing a Reset, you will have to set the circulation pump to Therm mode for sure.
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