2022 TAB 400 Floor repair - round 2

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Hi all,
I have an update on our floor repair described here: https://tab-rv.vanillacommunity.com/discussion/16750/floor-warranty-repair-thoughts-on-solution

A few more details on this whole process:
  • We dropped it off at the dealership more than 3 months ago and the process has been dragging out for various reasons caused by the dealership and Nucamp (we are only talking to the dealership, so we will have to take their word for it). 
  • The solution Nucamp proposed was to replace all visible vinyl and it has apparently been very difficult to remove the old vinyl.
  • It's now finally removed and they are ready to put in the new vinyl.
Today we got pictures of how they plan to lay the vinyl (see below). As you can see, there are some pretty significant wooden panels put in to hide the transitions. Not only does it not look good, there are practical issues (panels sticking out everywhere) and they are covering up vents.

We rejected this solution. The trailer was 10 months old when we dropped it off and this is being fixed under warranty. In our minds this is simply not an acceptable fix for an almost new trailer.

I don't think we are being unreasonable, but would love to hear your thoughts. Would you be ok with this? 


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    No, I would not accept this solution.  I just had the floor replaced in my 2018 400 and there are no seams or new mouldings added around the edges.  It appears that your dealership may not be trained in how to complete a floor replacement.  I would forward your concerns to Nucamp so that they can educate the dealership on the proper replacement (which includes removing the lower cabinets to avoid seams). It appears that your dealership may be trying to avoid removing those cabinets and instead is suggesting just cutting around the edges and covering those cuts with moulding. 
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    Yes, the lower front cabinets, the base of the round galley sink cabinet and the rear facing across the rear bunk need to come up, and the new flooring edge tucked under the cabinet facings, so there are no visible seams.  The screen door frame and door threshold is also removed to get the new flooring under the door.
    here is what our dealer did to replace the floor:

    Here is what the new floor looked like after it was installed and cabinet bases put back:

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    This is great info - thank you! That solution makes so much more sense. Also good to hear that we're not completely unreasonable.

    I haven't done much communicating directly with Nucamp, but it seems it's about time. We dropped off the trailer on December 3rd so we were sure that it was ready to go for spring camping - or so we thought. Still not having a complete repair is crazy to me.
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    @SoCalEsben I don't believe for a moment that any foot dragging or lack of quality in the repair originates with nüCamp. Direct communication with the company would be the route I would take. In my experience, the folks at nüCamp excel at service and take care of their customers.

     Good luck with a speedy and satisfactory resolution to this.
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  • SoCalEsbenSoCalEsben Member Posts: 35
    Thanks for the advice. I've now reached out to them and will hopefully hear back early next week. I am very curious to hear their side of this!
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    @SoCalEsben In case you don’t get a very quick response from nuCamp, it’s also worth providing the dealer with Denny’s pictures of what things are *supposed* to look like when this repair is done. What they want to do with those new trim pieces is absolutely unacceptable.
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    Wow... that is a total hack job. Under no circumstances allow that to be the "fix". Yours is a virtually brand-new trailer. It is wildly inappropriate to suggest that as an acceptable repair. 
    Such is the risk of allowing the space that nucamp puts between themselves and the customer to determine service solutions. Nucamp must engage.
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    @SoCalEsben, yes, the floor repair can take time.  It took our dealer about three months to do ours, which was at the start Covid   Just before the lockdown.  First the lower cabinet bits need removing or lifited up. Then rip out takes time, them the underlayment has to be cleaned of glue and dry.  Next the new Lino has to be cut and glued down, then allowed to set for several days to set.  Cabinets replaced, etc.  Not a one or two day job, with the waiting between the various steps, and working the job into a schedule that includes preparing née trailers for delivery, and so on.  No problem sharing my photos with your dealer.
    They can also contact Sean at Vogel RV in Ukahia CA, for additional info,or details.
    Good Luck
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    Wow, I wouldn’t accept that. 

    I was able to fix the bubbles in our floor with a syringe and vinyl flooring glue. My original repair has held up and I now have a few new spots bubbling up. I intend to do the same repair on those spots as well. I saw the photo of your bubbling. It looks more dramatic than mine but it could just be the lighting. 

    I would seriously consider the repair method I did. It was dead simple and only leaves a tiny hole that can be covered with vinyl floor putty. It’s likely an ongoing repair but much less intrusive than replacing the entire floor…and who is to say the repair will hold up?
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    The thing no one has mentioned is the molding around the edge covers the air intake for the Alde radiators. No air in, no heat out.
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    I just had my floor replaced by NuCamp.  I bit the bullet and did a quick rt by car from Florida to Sugarcreek.  Why?  Because they know how to replace the floors perfectly and the dealership in our area was difficult.  I have a 320s, but still they had to remove the Alde, cabinetry and so on.  They did a flawless job, I am 100% thrilled.  As yours is under warranty, they may offer to do the same.  Explain to warranty your situation, the length of time since drop off and the inability of the dealership to propose the proper install. Apart from the drive, NuCamp was the perfect solution.  They went over and above. I feel for you. Keep us posted!
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    Thanks all for your input. It’s super helpful in our process and the discussions with both Nucamp and the dealer.
    We did contact Nucamp directly and while they are helpful, they are not as accommodating as we had hoped. Could be a communication thing, but all info and responses are short with little detail. And no apparent surprise or outrage about the whole situation. 

    They have had one of their own techs (who happened to be on site) look at it and they are working on a new solution that involves lifting cabinets. Again, details have been sparse, but we will request details and pictures. Good news is that the trim solution is definitely out. 

    As for timeline, we are still in the dark. We’ll keep asking about that too.

    At this point I wonder what Nucamp and the dealer is willing to do to make this right? Unless this is within the parameters of what we should expect from customer service, I would think they would want to do something. 

    Wish we could have taken it to the factory - but it’s a 2,400 mile drive for us :-)
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