Roof Vent Fan Cover

None of my paperwork was clear as to which model vent fan we have on a 2023 T@B 400. Called Nucamp and they said it was a fantastic fan model 2250. This was in order to get a rain cover for the fan. I looked that model up on line and it didn't match what my feeble old brain remembered seeing on the roof? So I went over to the camper and checked - the model number is only visible from the top with the vent open, lol. It is a DV 1450. Not sure if nucamp just drops in whatever they have laying around? Anyhow, dometic makes a fan cover that fits it and snaps directly on to the little ears on the sides of the fan. I ordered one and will update this thread when I install it -- should be thursday or friday.
2023 T@B 400 Boondock


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