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This information was passed along to me by the factory and they asked that we share this with forum members, so please take a few moments to read it:

If your trailer is 1 year or older, we want to encourage you to properly maintain it.  As you prepare for the camping season, it is vital that you do this – and it’s the perfect time before you start travelling/camping. 


Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to check the seals.  If any of the seals are cracked, you must re-caulk them.  From time to time we have clients contact us with 2 and 3 year old trailers that have experienced some level of water damage.  Upon investigation, the reason, more often than not, is that they did not stay on top of the seals.  We don’t want anyone to experience water damage – it can lead to something ugly, like stained or swollen wood or something horrendous like an entire floor or sidewall replacement, depending on the trailer. 


For those of you that have [email protected], please pay close attention to 3 areas more vulnerable to water than anywhere else: 

1.  Under the wheel well  

2.  Behind the fender - caulk between the sidewall and wheel well – there is a great amount of flex/movement at this location and it will break the seal.

3.   Under the door frame

4.  Please refer to the attached photos to show exactly where we are advising you to re-seal on an annual basis. 

As always, you can contact our warranty and repair departments for assistance in any matter: 

[email protected]     [email protected]  

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