2017 Fall [email protected] - September - Pacif NW - [email protected] Gathering at Ft Worden State Park, Pt Townsend, WA

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We are going to be camping at the beautiful Ft. Worden State Park the weekend of September Friday 22- Monday 25, 2017.  Decided to share it with everyone here and encourage any who want to join in to jump on making reservations NOW. 

  • I have also reserved/paid for the day use "Beach Shelter" for Saturday (available 9 a.m. until 30 min before dusk) so we can get together for a potluck, music jam, talent show, or something. (I paid the shelter use fee so we could grab it and welcome a donation onsite towards the cost and some help cleaning up if possible ;-) Receipt for shelter will be shared. 
  • Here is a screenshot of what is available at the beach side campground in green as of a few minutes ago.  They also have a forest campground on the other end. Once I see we have a group of folks joining in, I will propose an agenda for the Saturday get together for input.  Calling it the 2017 Fall [email protected] right now. 
  • Here is the link to register/reserve (Ft. Worden just went onto this reservation system):   https://washington.goingtocamp.com/Home.aspx  
  • Here is a link to read about the park itself but note you make the camping reservations now at above link! They also rent other accommodations but camping is now on the goingtocamp site above.   http://fortworden.org/ 
  • WA State Parks honors various discounts, too, such as Disabled, Veteran, etc. if you sign up accordingly.  

So, if you can go and get reserved, let us know here.  
This is our first attempt to do something like this!  We will arrive Friday night and leave probably late Sunday evening or Monday morning.

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