West Coast sponsored event?

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I know that the event on the East Coast is huge (uCamp 17), and I'm not in any way trying to take away from that event at all. I was just curious if a West Coast sponsored event is plausible, or even possible. The reason I'm asking is that I know there are folks here that would love an event like this to happen here (or closer) as well. To say that it is a long trip to the Eastern event is an understatement. I'm thinking 3-4 days there, and the same back, plus the time spent at the event itself. I'm not real sure a lot of folks have that much time, money, or stamina for a trip of that caliber. I've spoke to a few that are going to our local East meets West Washington style event ( We now have 30 folks attending), and they agree, a very long trip. The interest is most definitely here, and I know if it could happen, it would be a great success! Any thoughts, or comments would be appreciated. Would LOVE to see this happen if at all possible. Thanks.
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