2018 [email protected] S basic - starting 1st vacation trip

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  We are a retired couple taking our first vacation trip in our 2018 [email protected] basic 320 S, tow vehicle 2012 Frontier, V6, 6 spd manual. It was delivered late to the PA dealer, so we took delivery and then started out to Banff National Park the next morning. We really like the large, airy windows and the table design is pure genius. The U-shaped seating is wonderful. Another couple with a larger camper liked our seats much better. We really want to like it, but the gas refrigerator going out while driving is a major problem. I probably wouldn't have purchased it if I had known. 
  Refrigerator update - I was thinking that diffusing the air to the gas flame like the old tin candle lanterns with the small punched holes might help. At the next Walmart, we stopped and I got some metal screening material. I cut out a piece to fit behind the vent. 

  It didn't work.
  Next we stopped at a hardware store and I got some duct tape and put one strip on the vent to shield the flame. We have since driven through plains where high wind warning signs are posted, driving around 60 mph. I had to pass a double tanker truck on a two lane highway and reached 80 mph. It has now been four days without the gas refrigerator going out, problem solved?

  We drove from Canada to Montana to Massachusetts without the refrigerator gas going out. It's now official, we like our [email protected]!  

  I have to update this three months later - on a one day drive, at two consecutive stops for gas, the refrigerator propane was out and food temperature was in fifties. Problem is unresolved and refrigerator remains unreliable.   This is a big problem for me and our enjoyment of the [email protected] 

How we are using the limited space:
  We keep the silverware in a little tool box. 

  The storage under the dinnette seat became the pantry for canned, bottled, boxed, and packaged foods. When opened they went into the refrigerator or cupboard under the sink. The bed slats I moved under the couch cushion where they are actually easier to retrieve. Our clothes go under the sofa seat and tools and hoses, etc., go in tow vehicle. 

  We didn't raise the sofa back each day, so this is my reading chaise lounge with feet up on the dinnette seat. These seating options are what make the [email protected] unique in my opinion. 

Then at night we slide out the dinnette seat cushions, unroll the sleeping bags, and we're good to go. 

   [email protected] trip wherever
New surprises everyday
   See beautiful world


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