More Storage for the Solo Traveller

I wasn't using the passenger seat area and was tired of moving stuff from one location to another in the cabin.  Found these at the Container Store.  Perfect fit for the area:

Added two smaller drawers on top:

The smaller drawers can be faced toward the front of the [email protected]:

The drawers are fairly large (see pair of shoes below).

The large units are on sale for $14 and small for $6.  I'll probably paint the white frame to match the Norcold grey and devise some way to secure the drawers closed while in transit.  At a minimum, I'll simply put them in my TV during transit.  They are very light weight and just fit through the cabin door.


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    It looked like you left the big ones there and they had little ones! LOL :lol:

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  • cbarnhillcbarnhill Posts: 288Member
    They seem to fit the space perfectly. 
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  • TammaraTammara Posts: 34Member
    @Tabaz  I am looking to do the same thing. Did you need to do anything to keep the entire thing from falling off the bench?  Did you need to figure out a way to secure the drawers? If so, what?
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  • Tabaz Tabaz Posts: 1,373Member
    This is just a prototype to see how I would like it. VERY nice to have the extra storage! Amazing how just these four drawers unclutter the cabin. Will have a wood version made with a slide out table top (then can remove the Lagun table). Right now I place the drawers on the floor while traveling. If this was going to be permanent, I would bolt the left top and bottom together, then bolt that bottom to the factory wood panel. Do the same to the right side top and bottom. (Need to be able to get through cabin door). Finally, drill holes in the drawer fronts for a thin metal rod to be inserted while traveling (to keep drawers from sliding out).
  • EstancioEstancio Posts: 198Member
    Great idea and practical solution. Now that I've been on the road solo for over a month, I realize the need for something like this - particularly clothes and shoes storage. I'd likely put do it on the other side (non-doorway side). Do you not use that under-the-seat storage area?
  • Tabaz Tabaz Posts: 1,373Member
    This should also work on the driver side pedestal.  Right now I have a microwave on there and a Lagun table in front.  Will be incorporating the microwave into a cabinet on that pedestal and removing the Lagun table.
  • EstancioEstancio Posts: 198Member
    Curious, how did you secured the microwave for travel?
  • Tabaz Tabaz Posts: 1,373Member
    The microwave faces the rear of the trailer with it's back along the wall opposite the shower.  The vertucak post for the Lagun table prevents it from sliding onto the floor.  I had a matching seat cushion (with back) made to fill the space between the front of the microwave and the factory cushion that sits over the Alde compartment.  The custom cushion prevents the microwave from moving backward.  When I need to use the microwave, I simply toss the small cushion to the other side of the trailer.  No need to move the microwave.
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    Once again, I am "borrowing" from @Tabaz.  I removed driver's side cushions, moved the table to the driver's side so I could sleep on the back half of the bed without removing the table.  I then added wooden knobs from Ikea for hangers, coats, etc. Then I added storage bins (20" and 8", from Bed Bath and Beyond).

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