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  Hello All!  Brand new owners  of a '15 Max 320 CS-S here.  So new in fact we have to wait till next week to pick the Little Guy up.  Question:  My TV will be a '15 Nissan Frontier, six cylinder, crew cab.  The salesman (who admits he dosen't know much about the [email protected] as his dealership had gotten it in on a trade) suggests an e2 weight distribution hitch.  Now I wouldn't mind the peace of mind an anti sway distribution hitch can bring.  I've had them before but the trailer was a lot larger and heaver. But do I really need it and will the thing FIT on the tongue of the 320 as it needs 27" to30" to mount the hitch bars along the tongue?????
  The unit is about 45 minutes away and I'm tempted to "just run over" and measure the distance from the ball connector to the tank/battery box to see if I've got room.  Loosing my orange "nose" is NOT an option so if faced with that then the hitch is out unless you more experienced folks can give me the benefit of that experience.
  Sorry about the ramble I need it at all??
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    No need for it!

    The Tab's dry weight is around 1600, maybe 2400-2600 loaded. Using the 10% rule, your tongue weight would be 250-300# maybe.

    I've never felt any problem towing it as is.
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    Make sure the top of your trailer ball is around 16" to the ground give or take an inch. Long term you want to tow your trailer as level as possible. Hook it up check your lights and bring it home. Best if you have a 7pin plug and a brake controller installed in TV  prior to pick up. A load leveling hitch would be way overkill.
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    Agree. I have a Frontier with just the hitch, no add ons, no problems. 
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    Yep, I tow with a Frontier as well using the OEM tow package with a basic Class IV receiver hitch.

    As others have noted, various other factors can affect how well the trailer tows, but there's no compelling evidence that any kind of fancy hitch is required.
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      Thanks All!!  I felt that as Dalehelman mentioned it seemed "overkill" to me but not having any experience with [email protected] I just wasen't sure. Now about that rack for the Harley.........
    Pete & Jeanne 2015 Little Guy Max CS-S TV 2015 Nissan Frontier Southern Louisiana
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    we tow with a 2016 Frontier crew cab v 6 also and in fact we tow the 400 now.  The only change we made when going from the 320 to the 400 was to turn the 2 inch drop hitch over to fit the added height of the 400.  We towed the 320 with a top of the ball height of 16 inches.  The 400, I find to be good at 19 inches. The listed tongue weight for the Frontier is 600 lbs so you are more than adequate.  Our 320 was a maxx Q model and weighed around 1760  empty.
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    Agree with what the others have said. Have towed our '17 over 18,000 miles in less than 18 months, in every imaginable terrain over 30+ states, steep grades, long flat stretches, desert southwest heat and monsoon rains. Crossed the Rockies a couple of times and pulled through road washouts and driven on beaches. Even carefully negotiated 60 mile an hour winds. We have a standard 4" drop hitch on our factory original 2005 gmc envoy, and it's an easy hook up and go situation. Now, welcome, congratulations and happy [email protected]!
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     Thanks again All..Looks like I've got some catching up to do.
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    O.K. Now we're the happy owners of a Little Boy CS-S Max!  To answer my own question asked above (ahem) According to a sticker affixed to the tongue a weight equalizer hitch with a capacity of over 750lbs. is just not allowed.  I had completely missed this during my first inspection of the LB so all angst was for naught.  To make DW happy we added a sway bar and all is well.
      To all those great folks that answered my queries earlier...Thank You again for chipping in.
    Pete & Jeanne 2015 Little Guy Max CS-S TV 2015 Nissan Frontier Southern Louisiana
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    Remember to unhook the sway bar before backing up or you will bend the bar and/or the frame

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    By chance, if you ever bend that friction sway bar, I have an extra. I need to build up leave to go to Tabzona. So many spare parts!!
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    Thanks Ratkity, I'll keep your kind offer in mind.  And again, thank you everybody..we'll see ya around the campfire one of these days.
    Pete & Jeanne 2015 Little Guy Max CS-S TV 2015 Nissan Frontier Southern Louisiana
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