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Trip planning for next year, including Glacier NP.  I understand that trailers over 21' are not allowed on Going to the Sun Rd.  That means our [email protected] 320 qualifies, but is it a bad idea anyway?   Seeking advice here from someone who has tried it, and if none, will err on the side of caution.


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    It's a white knuckle drive without a trailer, I am sure it would be with one. This may help:

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    Many years ago, we had a 25' fifth wheel. Obviously, we could not pull it on the Sun road.  We did just a day trip up to the summit. Parking is limited along the way. If you have your trailer, you may not be able to stop at any of the parking areas.  My advice is find your camp site and just explore the area for a few days (including Going to the Sun) and then take hwy 2 east and then north into Canada and stay at Waterton Lakes Park. It buts up to Glacier.

    BTW,  that 21' is TOTAL length, including TV.
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    Your tv and trailer can't exceed 21'
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    Tammara beat me to it, can't take the [email protected] over the GTTS road and you wouldn't want to anyways.

    If you are up to boondocking and want a quiet camp, you can fit a [email protected] in a few spots at Cut Bank, near the bathroom.  No water or hookups but a nice camp, convenient to all east side stuff.  But don't tell anybody. :grin:

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    OK!  Will not tow on that road!  Thanks, db, for campground recommendation--all recs are welcome for GNP, Yellowstone, Tetons, other spots in that neck of the woods.  
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    St Mary Campground in Glacier NP is a big camping area and you could leave the trailer there.  You can do day trips and when you drive Going to the Sun highway you will gain an instant appreciation and understanding of why there are limitations and restrictions with the many switch-backs and precarious, close to the edge sections of roadway that will make you count your lucky stars.  

    If it were me, I would unhook the trailer and drive through some of the other campgrounds before deciding on a spot as the roads in some are narrow and unless you are adept at backing and maneuvering you could be challenged should you meet another driver coming at you from the opposite direction.   Some of these camping areas are very compact, the sites are small and the roads do wind in and around.  

    Saint Marys campground is a huge camping area and and there are nice, spacious campsites that allow you to pull in and out.  Two Medicine campground in East Glacier is a beautiful camping area too and I highly recommend that campground as you will enjoy it!  Just practice good food storage techniques and you will do fine is there grizzly bears in black bear in that area.  Of course there are bears throughout the park and proper food handling and storage is a must when you are in grizzly country!
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    So food storage and bears and [email protected]'s brings up questions. Having tent camped in Yosemite, I know all food including toiletries belong in the metal bear cupboards. No food in cars. If bears can get into cars, can't they get into our [email protected]'s? Would we need to take all food out of trailer? 
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    dsfdogs said:
    So food storage and bears and [email protected]'s brings up questions. Having tent camped in Yosemite, I know all food including toiletries belong in the metal bear cupboards. No food in cars. If bears can get into cars, can't they get into our [email protected]'s? Would we need to take all food out of trailer? 
    Best to ask the ranger. Different areas have different rules. The ranger or camp host will let you know immediately when you roll in. If you are boondocking, the answer is Yes. It will give you piece of mind. Also remove all scented toiletries and toothpaste.
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    We really like the west side.  West Glacier and Apgar are touristy but the area gives access to the very beautiful and remote west side of the park.  The more adventurous should check out Polebridge on your way to Bowman Lake Campground - bring your canoe.
    We like the private Glacier Campground  just outside the west entrance road to GNP.

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    We agree with Rfuss928... Apgar gets our vote for the best camping in GNP.  Was hard to get a spot in Aug, had to get there (without [email protected]) at 7:00 and drive around looking for a site opening up.  Well worth it.  Did not care for the east side near as much.  Do plan to go up to Waterton while you are there.  They did have fires right after we were there and lost the campground in town we have been told. (We have that same picture :>)  Check with the Canadian vistior center at the entrance to GNP for help in reservations in CA and maps, etc. Enjoy, we sure did.
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    Years ago, after several days of camping in a waterfront site in the Fish Creek Campground on the west side of Glacier NP, a ranger came up to us as we were packing up.   He questioned, "So how did you folks like the Presidential Suite?"   He could tell by the confused look on my face that I had no idea what he was asking.  Several years before our visit, President George H.W. Bush had stayed in our site while visiting the park.  The ranger told us that in addition to land-based security, frogmen were positioned in the lake.  It gave us a new appreciation for the west side of Glacier.
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