New to us, 06 Dutchman

Just bought a 06 Dutchman.   Not sure how much use it has had in the past but we are going to use it a lot.  The plan is going to use it while I am at Forest Fire Camps.  I usually spend about 80 days per summer at a fire camp. this year I went to 7 different states for forest fires.
We are going to make a trip in November to Oklahoma from Washington.  
We have been tent campers for a long time but it is now time to get indoors while camping in the national forest.

Do you think we will have any issues pulling this with a Honda Element AWD or a Jeep Wrangler 4.0?

We are looking for the tent room that goes over the clamshell to give us some protection while making coffee and meals.
Another Question, Where can I get wheel bearings at?  I have been told to have an extra set. 


Retired Navy, 20 years submarine force, 13 years onboard boats, about 9 years underwater, and you ask that silly ass question, "Why are you that way?"   LOL


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