Anyone using the Curt Echo Mobile Trailer Brake Controller?

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Hi hivemind -- I came across this wireless brake controller made by Curt. I searched for this on this Forum, and can't believe no one has mentioned using it? It appears to be an alternative to the Tenosha Brake Controller. I just got a new RV, the 2019 Honda Ridgeline which already comes with a towing package.

Pros and cons?

Thanks in advance, Chris
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    i have the tekonsha RF one, similar priced..   i wish this one was available when i was buying mine.   rather not drill stuff into the frame.   this unit seem to allow this and and you can move it to your next trailer must easier.     but the downside i see to this one is that you might want to have separate phone for this, as i like to use my phone for GPS.      
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    Looks promising! Thanks!
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    If you already have a factory tow package, hooking up a wired brake controller might be a simple plug-n-play process (though you may need to buy a connector specific to your vehicle). I'm not sure about Hondas, but that's how it worked on my Nissan.
    I'm not sure if wireless controllers have other advantages, but owners sometimes go that route to avoid the need to install additional wiring in their vehicle.
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    Like ScottG, I also have a Nissan with a tow pkg & Tekonsha, which was a simple plug & play into the wiring plug up underneath my dash with the correct, vehicle specific plug. 
    I guess my question/concern with this wireless one would be 1.  looks like it could be easily stolen off your vehicle, whereas the Tekonsha is inside your vehicle and 2.  What happens if your phone loses signal, which happens often here in the mountains of Colorado?  You just lose your brakes on the trailer?  Another big concern if you're doing mountain driving.

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    I am going to assume that this works very similar to the Tekonsha RF unit that is also wireless.  when the handheld unit become disconnected the unit applies the last brake setting.  as the unit on the trailer is the one holding the setting.     I am so glad that manufacturer are thinking outside the box with different way to had brake controller
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    We just purchased a 2015 [email protected] Q in Everett WA and drove it back to Sonoma-was going to get the Prodigy brake controller then was shown the Curt Echo worked great! It is bluetooth and we never lost connection on whole trip have a 2008 Lexus rx 350 with aftermarket trailer package installed and everything worked great highly recommend!
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    Just picked up our new tab 400 and drove 200 miles with the Curt controller on our sienna. Worked great! The  only thing the app is used for is setting the current profile, seeing the brake application, manual brake application and adjusting/selecting the current brake profile. The link is Bluetooth, so it doesn’t depend on getting cell service at all. Even if you lose connection to the controller, it still works, you just won’t see how it is working. Even if you don’t have a connected phone when you plug it in, it will default to the last braking profile used. 

    i had the tech ride with me when we set up the Curt and he was very impressed.  They sell and install the Prodigy RF. It does hang out a ways, I don’t think it will ever fall out, but I may rig a safety harness of some sort anyway.  Nice option if you have multiple tow vehicles, happy with it so far. 
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