Probing -- Thoughts on a truly "basic" [email protected]

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Okay, so we've had the [email protected] [email protected] for not quite four years, and sadly he's sat in our driveway far longer than we anticipated.  We love being out in him, but we haven't quite reached the point in life where we can really put this guy to good use.  We've made some serious mods (done by the NuCamp crew), going from a CS Max to a....  well, I'm not sure what he would be considered.  We've turned the front bench into a shelved storage area and added an outlet to that zone, taken out the sink and stove and put in additional counter space, and removed the rear TV and added a third cabinet door in the upper area.  The speakers are still operational in the back, so the audio is functional.  We've also trimmed down and recovered the cushions to do a modified double-twin bed setup.

Now, if I were in the good ol' PacNW, I wouldn't be quite as concerned with selling this considering the nice big Seahawk logo on the back, but I'm in the mid-Atlantic area where 'Hawk fans are not quite as plentiful.  With this full disclosure, along with the photos below, what kind of interest do folks think we might get, and what kind of price might be reasonable.  We're planning to go back to the dealer where we purchased just to see what they'll offer, but as they say, knowledge is power, and I'd love to have some opinions from the [email protected] community.

Oh, and I should add, included with the purchase would be a Pahaque cover, the awning, and to allow for cooking, a Coleman Roadtrip LXE grill...

John & Lori in Northern VA
Former owner of 2015 [email protected] CS Max "Uteki" aka "[email protected] [email protected]"
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