Fantastic Fan Upgrade to 7350 - dramatic improvement in efficiency

DenisPDenisP Member Posts: 407
After reading previous posts about the benefits of upgrading Fantastic Fan to 7350 in my 400.  I upgraded prior to a recent 3800 round mile trip to Florida which included some dry camping (Walmart, Cracker Barrel ..) and from 14 to 86 degrees.  After the upgrade, the fan not only was remarkably quieter, had fourteen speeds instead of three and had a handy remote control but it appeared to be less of an energy hog.  I received a Camping World catalog yesterday which had an interesting table of Amp Draw comparison between the three speed fans and the 14 speed Model 7350.  The three speed fans draw 3 - 2.29 -1.86 A at Low, Med and High speeds while the 7330 only draws 0.2 - 1.9A throughout its speed range (low to high).  Pretty remarkable that the draw at low speed is 15 times higher with the three speed fans. 
I know others have noted increased efficiency with the upgrade but to see the actual numbers highlighted the advantage during dry camping even more.
2018 [email protected] 400 with Solar
2013 Tundra TRD 5.7L


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