Unofficial nuCAMP [email protected] Resource Guide - Finalized

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If you click on the link below, you will be taken to a Google Drive where we've uploaded one families view on how the [email protected] should be used & maintained.   Hopefully it will grow from it's 160-pages, or be corrected, or both, based on feedback from fellow nuCAMP owners.  While it was written for the 400, only 20% is really specific to the 400 and the other 80% covers things that relate to other nuCAMP models which share the Alde and holding tank systems.  The modifications apply to anyone with a battery or who want to winter camp with holding tanks.

We will be maintaining the PDF and the YouTube playlist as appropriate on the Google Drive.  Many of the Facebook users don't use the Forum and many of the Forum users don't use Facebook but the community is on both.  Moreover, Google is hosting the PDF for free and it links nicely to the YouTube videos that are referenced within.

Hopefully you find this of value but please recognize this is one families, NON-EXPERT opinion on how things should be done.  Following any advice other than what is provided in the nuCAMP manuals is at YOUR OWN RISK and we take no responsibility for how someone may interpret or even mis-use what was written.

It was formatted to be printed on A5 loose-leaf paper to make it approachable to carry and read.

V1.1 link posted 4-19

F150 Pulling 2019 [email protected] BDL


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