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I’m going to leave my original post up (below) because there is a lesson here (to me primarily!). It was originally titled, “When Your Local Dealer Isn’t Very Good”.  In short, I judged the book by its cover.  Well, I finally stopped into that small dealership in Nashville and started a conversation that has gone on for several weeks now, culminating in me today putting a deposit down on a factory order for a 2020 [email protected] 400 BDL.  What they lacked in inventory was made up for with what had to be the nicest shopping experience I’ve had on an RV.  I asked the salesman if he could work up a quote for an order, knowing full well I would be waiting weeks, months, for a camper.  I was pleasantly surprised when he came back and said the dealership already had two 400s on order, and he called the factory rep to see if they could change the order they had already submitted to match my order sheet.  The factory said ‘yes’.  My camper will be rolling out of the factory on August 1st, just 5-6 weeks after placing the order!  Oh, and by the way, they are breaking ground for a service center and larger dealership lot.  

My local [email protected] dealer has had the same single 400 on their lot for 6-9 months (and only one other 320), and I’m concerned they don’t care too much about the brand.  They don’t have a local service shop either.  I know we are encouraged to buy from our local dealer, but quite frankly I’m concerned the local dealer isn’t up to par on sales or support.  We really want to get a 400, but the prospect of a long-distance dealer seems equally as bad as trying to do business with the local who may not support the product very well.
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    John Gerton at Gerton Auto Sales in Mount Vernon, Indiana is a good dealer, and really not too far away from you. 812-838-2248 is his number and call him tomorrow to see what he has in inventory.  He and his wife are good people. He also has a website of Gerton Auto Sales, and he actually sells more campers than cars anymore, by the way. 
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    I think you need to purchase from any dealer that you identify as a good dealer.  The issue some owners are having is purchasing from a more distant dealer, and then the local dealer may elect not to provide service since they purchased it elsewhere.  In your case, they don’t provide service, so it looks like you would need to travel a distance anyway.  Buy from someone with whom you can work.  We went out of our way for our purchase.
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    Unless it is a major issue then the hassle of trying to use the warranty isn't worth it.    If it is major then it goes back to the factory.

    Our local dealer the self proclaimed nations largest [email protected] dealer is a real jerk.   After walking the lot for months in and out of trailers I show up with a check book ready to place a order.    He was not going to let me order but put a lift kit on a trailer on his lot,  I was very clearly either a rental or a RV show survivor as the cushions had significant wear and we found food wrapper in one of the cabinets,  and it was being sold as new.    Should have been sold as previously untitled.  The wife was less than happy.    Oh and zero discount on 2017 

    We purchased from Miller Trailer in Pennsylvania and purchased a 2020 320 for the $500 more than our local dealer wanted for the 2017 with the lift kit installed.  Lift kit,  still ticks me off.   Miller is about 500 miles from home vs 5 for our local guy.    That should say it all.

    Just can't say enough good things about Miller. Patty, Preston and Sam are good people.

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    I think any buyer has to make their own assessment, as it depends what you are looking for in a dealer. Mine came up with a decent price and was close to home. Maybe they even have a good service department, but since I'm a pretty handy carpenter/plumber/electrician/shade-tree mechanic I had no intention of ever finding out one way or the other. If a truly major problem ever surfaces, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. YMMV.
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    See my edited original post for an update
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    Glad that worked out for you!  Nice to have a nearby dealer for service.  Hope your service experience is equally satisfying!
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