ALERT: 'Rotten egg' smell in trailer [what to do]

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I'm guessing many of you experienced people around here would be able to guess the source of this, but for those of us new to RVs, thought I'd post this as an important FYI. 
If you ever have an odor in your rig that smells like rotten eggs, it is likely the batteries overheating. Your CO2/smoke alarm may go off (mine did). If this should happen, I would suggest you:
  1. Immediately shut everything off;
  2. turn the battery switch off;
  3. start to ventilate;
  4. disconnect the batteries and preferably remove them from the trailer; and
  5. try not to breathe the gases (hydrogen sulfide).    <----- [probably should have led with that one, lol]
Turning the battery switch off did nothing for me, they only started to come down in temperature after they were disconnected (physically). Also, pulling them out was a bit more eventful than it should have been, as they were 'stuck together' from heat, and I had to carefully pry them apart without poking a hole in the casing (I used a plastic scraper). I was able to reveal the model/manufacturer of the battery; "Bright Way Group EVGC6 - 6V 220AH Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery" (was underneath the Harris batteries sticker).

This is in regard to 6v AGM batteries in my 2020 [email protected] w/solar (pertains to regular flooded lead-acid, as well), and I'll provide more details as I have them. Hopefully this is a simple one-off from a bad battery cell.

2020 [email protected] Boondock Lite w/solar, TV is 2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD
Jeff --Front Range of Colorado


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