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Good evening from Nowhere, NM! I am stranded and awaiting a flatbed in the morning. I am heading home to Asheville, NC after an amazing four week cross country adventure. I have travelled 4700 miles thus far.....until today. When I drove off from the Ten-X Campground outside of the Grand Canyon WITH MY HANDBRAKE ON! 😭😭😭😭 I realized after a fuel stop 170 miles later. All seemed okay until another hour in and the grinding and shredding started. I have limped to an exit and unfortunately being 100 miles from Albuquerque must get towed there. I called Santa Fe RV, a nucamp dealer, advising I wished to use their services and they turned me down advising ‘we are too busy to do emergent repairs’. So, I will be going to an auto repair/tire shop on AAA RV Plus list of shops in ABQ. Wish me luck. I see new axles, bearing, pads.....what else can I expect? Anyone else as care to admit to the same stupidity? 
HB 2005 [email protected] T16 being towed by 2015 Honda Odyssey Asheville, NC


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