Sold our beloved [email protected] for a Vintage Cruiser

DurangoTaBDurangoTaB Member Posts: 754
After 5 years and 45 trips we traded in our wonderful Dory (320S Max) for a 17SCD Vintage Cruiser this week.  My wife wanted  space and more storage, but it comes with twice the weight.  Probably have to get a bigger TV ☹️ than our Tacoma. The construction quality ain’t the same for sure...and I’m gonna miss the Alde’s quiet purr.  Most of all I’ll miss this group of wonderful and supportive friends (RIP Larry and Booger).

J.D. & Sue

Durango, CO    2014/15 S [email protected] :  "Dory's [email protected]"  Keep on swimming...


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