Just introducing myself!

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I am new to the [email protected] Forum.  I live in Indiana and have been teaching special education for 42 years.  I have been wanting a [email protected] 320 since I looked at one on display hitched to a Subaru Outback at Canoecopia in Madison, WI, about 7 years ago.  I brought home a [email protected] brochure, which has been on my coffee table since then! 

I recently retired and I am now ready to begin living the dream (on a budget)!  If I pay too much for the toys, I won't be able to afford to go places to use them!  I decided before going all in yet, I would look for a used [email protected]  Back in October, I purchased a [email protected] 2003 and in near mint condition.  Before this, my #1 passion was kayaking.  Kayaking and camping go hand-in-hand for me.  I love primitive tent camping and also kayak camping, but recently my back does not love it!  I own a small fleet of kayaks so I am able to do smaller waters, rivers (just not whitewater), causeways in Florida, and open waters of Great Lakes, including two smaller kayaks for my grandkids.

I have friends who I kayak with and live in Indianapolis who have just purchased new [email protected], so we are about to let the travels begin.  They both have larger vehicles.  I have a Forester and I am now looking to find a vehicle that is more equipped to tow my [email protected] alone and with my toys, (i.e. bicycle and kayaks.)

I am about to begin a new discussion on the dilemma I am facing, that of traveling with my [email protected] and my 17' sea kayak.  The title will be "Towing My [email protected] with my sea kayak".  I am going on a road trip to Florida in a month and I need to find another vehicle.  I also have other dilemmas as well.  I am new at this, so I am looking forward to receiving advise from experienced [email protected] owners!

I am excited to be a part of this forum.  Happy camping!



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