sanitizing 2021 400 water system

We're a week into the nuCamp family now. I'm completely new to all these glamping accessories we're dealing with now. It's been fun learning the systems and figuring things out, but also a bit frustrating with the manual so out of date. I hope there is an update soon. Anyhow, I'm at a point where I'd like to sanitize our water system for the first time. I wanted to go through the draining process first, so I opened all the faucets and tank drain (located behind driver side tire) and the hot and cold low point valves on the nautilus system (at bottom center of photo). Everything drained well.

To drain the hot water tank, do I also need to open this drain plug that's below the Alde?

And to bypass the Alde during sanitation do I need to close these valves (located in the compartment with the Alde)?

2021 [email protected] 400 BDL aka Little Joe
2019 Tundra Crewmax aka Hoss
SE Louisiana


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