Anybody tow with a diesel Grand Cherokee?

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I'm thinking of getting a few year old Diesel Grand Cherokee. I'm wondering if going with this diesel is worth looking for this relatively scarce version for increased torque for mountains and does the better gas mileage justify the higher fuel cost? I'd be moving up from my 4L 2001 Cherokee which is getting long in the tooth. It tows the 320 okay but it's got to be replaced. Yes, I'd prefer the Gladiator except I don't need the bed and it's too long. This group seems to like the gas version of the GC but haven't seen anything on the diesel varient.
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    Don't know the Jeep diesels, a lot of folks think the diesel is great but recently it has been pointed out that actually in some of the big 3 truck diesels actually have less horsepower than the normal engine.  The cost to maintain a diesel can be much more and several other issues associated with them.
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    Looking at replacing my trusty Colorado in the next the same boat with diesels

    Higher vehicle cost
    Higher fuel cost
    Def fluid cost
    Higher maintenance cost
    Def/emissions issues 
    Availability of maintenance and repair parts

    More torque for towing
    Better fuel economy

    I would really like to have the Silverado with the 3 liter diesel it gets 30 miles to the gallon unladen verified by Fast Lane Trucks.

    Was looking at the 2.8 liter Diesel Colorado but they sold the production plant in Thailand.   Make me believe that engine has an uncertain future with GM.

    Falling victim to  bad/old def fluid is a big concern and it could result in a stranding.   Currently leaning towards a gasser. But that is subject to change too

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    Yes the old polluting diesels were very long lasting (less parts) but I"ve heard the endurance aspect has been reduced with the addition of the anti-pollution devices. But it's not Horsepower as much as the much better torque curve.  This should improve towing speeds on grades. Why I was asking of experience w/ the GC also for maintance issues after all it is a Jeep - rugged not reliable.
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    It’s not about horsepower it’s about torque as @MarkAl mentioned.
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    ditto @MarkAl and ditto @Dalehelman
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    I previously owned and towed with the  Jeep GC ecodiesel. It pulled great! Plenty of torque to get up & go, and enough horse power to keep you there. Fully loaded, I got ~20 mpg, unloaded, ~30 mpg(hwy of course). I put a lot of miles on it(90,000) and I bought it with 60,000. Yes, fuel is more expensive, def is cheap, repairs can be pricy. It NEVER left me stranded.

    i traded it in for my Colorado Dura Max. I get similar MPG with the dura Max.  Both engines(Jeep 6 cyl & Chevy 4 cyl) are derivatives of Diesel engines designed and manufactured   By VM Motori, an Italian Diesel engine manufacturer.

    yes, I am a fan of diesels, I think that the towing capabilities far out weigh any perceived “cons.” When towing, I want to have the ability to get up to Hwy speed and stay there, with out having the engine(any) rev up to 7000rpm and sound like it’s ready to kick a rod through the block. My 2 pennies....
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    Thanks, these are the gems I'm looking for.  Now for the horror stories of "I'll never buy another <insert diesel or jeep> :) Sadly there are always lemons, just need to keep the probability of getting one low. 
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    I am a diesel fan, but I would research thoughly some of these newer diesel engines before jumping in.

    Lots written about the ecodiesel, here is one link. I have followed the Dodge, Ram, Jeep news for years as I own an older Ram with an inline Cummins and I am over 300k on that truck. The lower end failures on the ecodiesel while not widespread, happen enough to worry me. I really like inline diesels, v configuration not so much. There has been no v diesels in large trucks for decades, likely for a reason.
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    I tow with the v6 GC and it tows the 320 like a dream.

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    And V6 Cherokee does just fine with 320. 
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    I use the Jeep V6 in a Gladiator to two our TaB400, os a 320 should be no issue at all.
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