2021 [email protected] 320 Boondock Pricing

My wife and I are looking for our first travel trailer and have narrowed it down to the [email protected] 320 boondock and the Intech Sol Dawn rover. The Sol Dawn is 16ft long and has a lot more space inside.  I'm 6'2", my wife is 5'8" and we have a 45 pound dog and a 25 pound dog. If we get the [email protected] I plan on buying one of the attachable tents, and I'm thinking that would add plenty of extra enclosed space when we go on extended trips.  I'm also thinking we'd be more likely to use the TAB over the Dawn because of it's smaller size and boondocking features.

My wife likes the Sol Dawn more because of the added space and more modern design.

The lowest price we've gotten on the Dawn is $26k, but it'll be a few months before we can take delivery.  There's a dealership about 100 miles from my house with a [email protected] 320 boondock, also listed for $26k.

If I can get the price down to $22-23k I can probably talk my wife into going with the [email protected] instead. Is that a reasonable goal for a 2021 given today's market?


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    The list price I was shown on a 2021 320S Boondock with microwave totalled over $33k. $26k is as good as I could find, and represents close to a typical 30% dealer discount in the RV world 
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    Given today’s market? Probably not, but you can always try. If you want a bargain on an RV, the time to negotiate is when lots are full and sales are slow. Right now, inventory across the country is extraordinarily low and even used models are selling faster than most of us who keep an eye on that market have ever seen. This is a sellers’ market, no doubt.

    As this is your first RV, I’ll also say that you really don’t want to talk your partner into a rig that doesn’t fit her needs. (Been there, done that.) That’s a surefire way to end up either camping solo, or with a trailer that never leaves the driveway. I bought my first RV at 21 and have had several different types and sizes over the years as my needs and preferences and partners have changed. The 320 has offered me the most challenges in terms of making that tiny space work, and I’m solo with just one midsize dog.  Make sure if you go with the Tab, your wife is completely comfortable with that decision—this also applies to you with the Intech Sol!—otherwise you’ll find yourself wasting money selling a barely used trailer in a year or so.

    Also, rereading your post...have you been inside a 320 yet? At 6’2”, you won’t be able to stand up fully, and at 5’8” your wife will be almost touching the ceiling. If you haven’t done so, go hang out in one for an hour. Actually act out cooking, getting dressed, and using the bathroom. Pull out the bed and lay on it for a while. Visualize doing all of this with two dogs underfoot, and in really bad weather. For some tall folks, the compromises needed with a Tab 320 are acceptable; for others they aren’t, and short of renting a unit, this is the best way I know to figure that out.

    Good luck to you!
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    Another option is a TaB 400 Boondock, if your TV can handle one.  We were looking at a 320 at first, but after trying both out at the dealer, we went for the TaB400 for the extra room, bigger shower washroom area, and full standing height, which will accommodate a 6’+ person.
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    @futuretabbuyer25 Bought ours two months ago, MSRP 27,800 and we got for $24,400 with about $600 of dealer accessories thrown in.
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    Pricing will also depend on location.  The farther from the factory, the higher the transport costs.  If you are willing to take a road trip, you may save some dough.  But, in this market, who knows.
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    I've been inside the clamshell 320 and the bed was a little small, but I think the 320 S layout would add the room I'd need,  other than that it seemed to have just enough space to do everything we'd need/want to do inside it. I'm thinking the few things we'd need more space for could be done in the tent attachment.  I really enjoy compact, well designed, functional spaces.
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    Pricing will also depend on location.  The farther from the factory, the higher the transport costs.  If you are willing to take a road trip, you may save some dough.  But, in this market, who knows.
    Do you know of any dealerships close to the factory that are worth talking too? I'm a few hundred miles away from the factory but it's worth the drive to save a few thousand.  Plus it'd be an opportunity to try staying in it for a few days
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    Mark Wahlberg Airstream in Columbus, OH (formerly Haydocy), Miller Trailer Sales in eastern PA, a dealer in southwestern PA and that dealership is spelled somewhat like Juanita.  General RV in Canton is no longer a dealer. 

    Look at the nüCamp RV website as their old website had a list of dealers that you could access. 
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    @futuretabbuyer25   We purchased ours from the Mark Wahlberg Airstream and RV dealer when it was the “Haydocy” dealer.  We bypassed a dealer closer to us as the Haydocy sales team knew all about TaBs (salesman was an owner) and were very accommodating.   I can’t attest to the current owners, but I think they are the closest, large dealership.  @jkjenn recently purchased from them.  

    Also, regarding your use of the TaB, other than very cold camping (which we try not to ever do) you leave the bed set up and you live in the tent.  The PahaQue tent is our screen porch and is set up anytime we are in one place for 3 nights or more.  We look for shade as the tent and it’s No-see-em screening can get stuffy.  We only sleep and bathe in the TaB.  Now, if we did not have the tent and it was cold, we would set up the space to allow for seating inside.  We are very happy to have a small trailer.  
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    Today is a rainy day Nd I am spending more time than usual inside. I put the bed away about 85-90٪ of the time so it doesn't feel quite so small.

    I don't think much has changed as of yet at Hadocey/Wahlberg. My salesman was Hamiltin Whaley and he really knew the [email protected]

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    We got our 2021 320S Boondock for $23,995 from a dealer in VA.  That was what the dealer quote and they weren't willing to negotiate.  But they were starting lower than another dealer I talked to.   A couple months ago there were lots of 2020 320S's available and it seems like a deal could be made on those.  
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    @futuretabbuyer25    Bought mine at Mark Wahlberg Airstream in Columbus also . online they still have a big selection of [email protected], 320 and 400’s. We called them first and they gave us a price over the phone. Some dealers make you visit in person before they come down from MSRP. We liked the chance to compare models when we visited, helped us out with the decision process. As first-timers we felt the 400 was just too big. Had same thought as you, that the 320 was maybe a little tight, so we just picked up the Walker tent to add some outdoor space.  Rained all weekend here, so will put tent up for the first time next week.

    Bought on May 29 when it still had the Haydocy name out front. Wahlberg owned the Chevy dealer across the street and he was buying Haydocy Buick, next door to Haydocy Airstream. It was explained to me that Haydocy Airstream was not being purchased by Wahlberg, but that they were adopting the new name in a marketing venture, paying Wahlberg a fee to use his name. Was told ownership would stay the same. No reason to doubt this.

    Have camped 4x in the new 320S and we really like it.
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