Norcold TAB 400 refrigerator dies

We have a 2018 TAB 400 but took ownership in August 2017. On a recent trip the refrigerator died. Called Norcold for help troubleshooting but no luck and no help. Had to take to a certified dealer and they came back and said very poor quality joints in the refrigerate lines that leaked the refrigerate and burned up the compressor. Norcold would not repair as they said they build them to be throw away. They would not replace as it was a year out of warranty. Offered nothing for a poor quality product that lasted a little over 3 years. I learned Nu Camp now uses another manufacturer. Have others had difficulty with the Norcold 2 way refrigerator and had similar experience with non action by the company?

I was not going to just replace with another Norcold so I did lots of research and ended up purchasing and installing a Truck-Fridge made for over the road commercial trucks. These get bounced around a lot. The unit fit perfectly in the small space and we are anxious to use on our next trip. This new refrigerator also has a 2 year warranty, but unlike Norcold they, Truck- Fridge, will repair the unit. This Truck Fridge was like $300 less then a new Norcold. Easy to install and hook up. Looks great.

Just wanted to share our experience.

PS: Have submitted complaints on Norcold to Better Business  Bureau and Ohio attorney general's office.


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