What do you use for extra fridge space?

We know the fridge is too small so looking at getting perhaps a Yeti or portable ARB or Dometic 12V fridge in the back of out jeep on slide out tray
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  • VernaVerna Administrator Posts: 6,392
    ARB 50 qt is my answer. I can keep meat frozen in the middle section, but keep butter and yogurt cool on top of groceries in the middle section or in the dairy section. 

    It is also a miser of 12V power. Maybe with the Victron smart shunt I’ll be able to tell exactly how many amps it uses. But I’ve never had a meter that could exactly tell me what it takes for it to run because it uses so little. 

    I keep it on the rear floor of my F-150, and I do keep flannel quilted dog blankets on top of it to help keep it cooler. I also have the ARB external insulated canvas cover on it. 

    Be sure to look for longevity in whatever you choose. Mine is 8 1/2 years old, and I typically camp 4 to 6 months a year, two years full time (the ARB didn’t shut off for over 2 years).  It does come with a 5 year warranty on the compressor. 

    So, I have actually paid $100/year for this ARB and the price per year keeps going down from here (knock on wood). 
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  • Tabaz Tabaz Member Posts: 1,758
    2X Verna's comments.  I too have the ARB 50 quart.  Very efficient use of power.  I keep it in the back of my Ford Expedition behind the passenger seat.  Use the truck's 12V while in transit.  Have two separate lines for the campsites.  One is 12V that plugs into a separate SAE outlet in the propane tub when boondocking.  The other is simply a 110V extension cord for the electric pedestal at the campsite.
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  • VictoriaPVictoriaP Member Posts: 994
    I went smaller than Verna, and picked up an Iceco Go20 fridge on sale last year. But I’m a weekender and don’t need as much additional space as someone who is taking longer trips or fulltiming. Whatever you choose, makes sure it has a Danfoss/SECOP type compressor, as those are far more energy efficient.

    Lots of people go the Yeti/knockoff ice-based route though. Simple, and no extra demands on your batteries.
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  • VernaVerna Administrator Posts: 6,392
    @NovaTab, when at a campsite, I move the ARB’s cord to the SAE plug on the tongue box. The dual AGM batteries and solar panels take care of the ARB for the length of stay, be it overnight or 5 months. 
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  • falcon1970falcon1970 Member Posts: 613
    After years of various coolers that never seemed to work well I finally bought a Yeti.  With the Yeti Ice cooler blocks frozen food stays frozen for bout three days unless you keep opening the lid a lot.  Cold food and drinks last even longer.
  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 2,177
    Yes, we got a Yeti also, it fits in the rear of the truck under the bed cover.  Keeps contents nice and cold.  Start out with frozen Yeti blocks, and add ice if needed.
    I like the compact size and it is perfect for three to four day trips.  Longer trips, just add more ice.
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  • 4ncar4ncar Member Posts: 894
    Thumbs up for my Indelb!
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  • berggerbergger Member Posts: 159
    We use an old igloo cooler.  Food goes in the fridge and most drinks go in the cooler, kept in the truck.  Cheap and works just fine.  I had a Dometic 12v fridge but after about 3 years it completely crapped out on me in the middle of a trip.  I've used the igloo ever since and it has not stopped working yet!  Coolers are less expensive and will not let you down.  However I have to say the 12v fridge is nice for extended trips.  For trips under one week the cooler is fine but we may start taking more longer trips so I may get another 12v fridge to avoid having to replenish the ice.  I've been looking at the Iceco brand.  I can't see spending what I spent on the Dometic years ago after it let me down on a trip and left me scrambling to find a cooler.  There are a ton of options out there for coolers or fridges.  If your just doing short trips I'd just get a cooler.  Extended trips you may want to look at a fridge and a power system for it.  
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  • RCBRCB Member Posts: 90
    We bought a Yeti knock off from Wally mart labelled Ozark Trail. It was about 1/4 the cost. I freeze a block of ice in a plastic container that fits the dimensions which lasts at times 41/2 days. Keep your cooler as full as possible. As well we precool drinks in the fridge overnight.
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  • MarcelineMarceline Member Posts: 897
    I bought this 40qt cooler from Costco a year ago and I’m very happy with it. They also offer a bigger size but a full 40qt is about the limit of what I can pick up by myself. 
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  • kmulhkmulh Member Posts: 16
    We use an RTIC (Yeti knockoff but cheaper) and line the bottom with those frozen packs that come from Green Chef and then put ice on top if needed.  I usually will pre-cool it for a day and have had it last 7 days before the ice all melted, but it was not super hot out.
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  • CrabTabCrabTab Member Posts: 250
    We recently purchased a Dometic 12V cooler for times when we plan to stay in one location for a period of time. I am working out details for installing solar on the shell of our Colorado and a battery in the bed to keep it powered when boondocking.

    Previously we have been using a Yeti 45QT cooler. During a month long road trip (when we were travelling back in 2019) the Yeti worked fine. It seemed the ice would always outlast the need for gas in the TV or the black tank capacity in our 320. In short, ice has never been our limiting factor.

    Instead of using block containers of ice (as other mentioned), we placed items to stay dry in a plastic cereal container bin. The bin fits perfectly in the Yeti height wise. We also place a few items in the provided top black tray of the Yeti .The 8-10LB bag of ice commonly available and a few can/bottle items filled the rest of the cooler.

    Somehow, at the end of a hot day, the drinks just seem colder when they have been sloshing around a bit in a mixture of ice and water... 
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