dometic fridge gas level indicator not working

When my dometic fridge is cooling on propane the needle on the gauge does not move into the “green” portion, needle stays far left. The fridge cools well on propane and would be nice if the propane indicator worked. Is this an easy fix for a DIY task?   It is under warranty but hate to take it in for this issue. 
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  • MuttonChopsMuttonChops Member Posts: 1,028
    When my dometic fridge is cooling on propane the needle on the gauge does not move into the “green” portion, needle stays far left.
    Dometic (?) . . . I thought 2020's still had the NorCold N180.3 3-way Fridge.
    If you have a Dometic - - - Please provide the Fridge Model Number.

    Norcold N180.3 controls look like:

    On the N180 Model the Flame Meter gets power from the Thermocouple that is heated by the burning flame. So only one of three things could be wrong for the Meter not to function;
         1] meter defective
         2] thermocouple defective
         3] bad wire terminal connection.

    Since the Flame Meter is sold on Amazon good chance that is the failure point.  Replacing it should not be a big deal, removing stove top will provide access to back side of Fridge Control Panel.
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    @MuttonChops, you are 100% correct NorCold N180.3 3-way Fridge.  My brain was on vacation.  I will remove the stove top today and begin the debugging process. Thanks. 
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    @Freespirit and @MuttonChops, forum user @chooch had a similar issue and sought help on it (in August 2020) on their 2019 320 S), but there were no responses.  They have not posted anything since then (that I can see), but if they are still on the forum maybe they will see this discussion thread and chime in with their resolution, if any. 
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    Update, I did remove the stove top(4 screws) and checked red and blue wire connection and they were firmly connected on both ends. My guess is the meter flame indicator is defective. After testing the connections and “giggling” the wires I started the refrigerator on propane and it lit and started to cool but no movement in the needle. I will check with Norcold tomorrow for a “free” replacement since it is still under warranty.

    From what I could see, the blue wire is going to be the challenging one to get off and the new blue wire attached. 
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    So did you ever get this sorted?
    Having the same issue.
  • FreespiritFreespirit Member Posts: 50
    I did not, I still have a non-working meter flame indicator. I never heard back from Norcold and decided not to peruse resolution with them. Since our refrigerator reliable starts within the first couple tries, I use sound (pilot light igniting) or sight to view the burning pilot light. Not the most convenient but for now the choice I have made. 

    2020 TAB 320 U
    TV 2020 4Runner
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