Don't forget to tab your [email protected]

Sometimes we forget even the simplest things to do after winter storage for our [email protected] While going through my stack of paperwork ( doing a little spring cleaning )....oh, yea, the registration tabs for the [email protected]! Don't know about a lot of you, but mine has been covered all winter, and covered in snow as well. Since we purchased our [email protected] in March, I usually get the registration reminder about a month early, go on line & re-new. New tabs show up, set aside for when I take the cover off, and....oops..good thing I went through my paperwork of things to do. Go out & put 'em on before 'ya forget! Just a reminder.  ;)
2016 [email protected] MAX S-aka: [email protected]
TV: 2006 Chevy Avalanche LT Z71 aka: WhiteWolf, or 1972 Chevy Custom10 P/U aka: SnarlingWolf
Spokane, Wa.
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