Condolences to Michigan_Mike

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Mike’s 97 year old Mother passed away quietly in her sleep last night, the night before Mike’s birthday. While I never met the wonderful lady, from what I have heard, she was a wonderful lady who prayed daily for her sons, their spouses and children. 

Here is what Mike wrote on FB:

”I received this beautiful photo of my mother this afternoon, via a 4 year Facebook memory.  I saved the photo as I was to pick her up Saturday afternoon to celebrate my birthday.  I received a call this evening from my family that mom had  passed away quietly and went to heaven peacefully after spending her  last day shopping, getting her hair done, she went to lunch with my sister in law and was very happy.  She was a beautiful little lady, never had a bad word for anyone, she prayed daily for all family members/friends/neighbors, was ready to go to heaven when called, was a great mother, grand mother, a very talented quilter and was loved by everyone.  Although we are very stunned, saddened and heartbroken at this time, we are fortunate to have had her as a mom, and I know I speak for all my family members (and her friends & neighbors) as she was beautiful from the inside out, she was blessed with 97 years of life and she was as sharp as a tack.  And even though she has departed earth, her legacy and the beautiful memories she have created in her lifetime, along with her spirit and her life long faith in God will live on!  We love and miss you mom, you set the mark high in life via your daily example of genuine love, kindness and thoughtfulness to all and in your religious convictions and never ending faith in God.  As you enter into his kingdom we thank God for the blessing of your long life and for the many blessings you shared with all of us, may you Rest In Eternal Peace.  ❤️🙏🏻”

Rest In Peace, Mike’s Mom.

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    Our condolences, Mike.  It is difficult any time, but especially when so unexpected.  97 years is exceptional.
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    :rose: What wonderful details he wrote about his Mom. I feel like I knew her. Her final day sounded amazing and while I am very heartbroken for Mike and his family for the loss of a strong, beloved lady; she passed onward in her sleep - something that I believe is a rare gift given to special people. Hugs Mike. Take care of yourself while caring for your other family members! :rose:
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    @Michigan_Mike, My sincere condolences for your loss. Prayers coming your way.
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    @Michigan_Mike I am so sorry for your loss. Prayi g for comfort and peace for you and your family as you remember your mom.

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    @Michigan_Mike You’ve made your Mom knowable with your words. Thank you. I believe you and your extended family and friends blessed her with your love and honor. A certain peace comes with knowing she loved you and her knowing you all loved her. Peace be Mike, to you and all of yours.
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    Very sorry to hear this Mike....
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    @Michigan_Mike I'm so very sorry to hear of your beloved mother's death, but what a peaceful passing! You shared with us who she is, and she sounds like she touched all who knew her, loved, and was loved. Thank you for sharing her with us, and many prayers from here to you and all who loved her. :heartbreak:
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    Mike: I am sorry for your loss. Clearly she was an incredible person with a great legacy. 
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    Mike,  so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother!  While we know you will miss her and her comfort, we know that she now has her heavenly home and there is great comfort in that!
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    Our sincere condolences to Mike and family.  I lost my mother in 1991 (she was only 69) appears Mike’s mom had a good life and didn’t suffer in the end...we should all be so lucky.  RIP...

    J.D. & Sue

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    Love, support and prayers to you and yours.
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    Sorry about your mom, Michigan_Mike. May all your fond memories bring you comfort.
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    My condolences to Mike and your family. Thank you for sharing how your Mom lived her life. She is a beautiful lady inside and out. May peace be with all of you.
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    Bless you Mike. 
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    Sending sympathy and prayers. 

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    Sending prayers for your family.
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts & memories of your Mom. As I was reading, those were hitting my heart strings with an added tear as well. There will be days when it hits you like a ton of bricks, and days you'll have a pleasant smile, and a little more zip in your step. The important part is to keep ALL those memories & thoughts close to your heart & soul until you meet again. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family, and you're right, savor the time you have with the ones still here. You never know for how long.
    Travel safe, love deeply & sincerely, put a pleasant smile on your face, put one foot in front of the other & enjoy the rest of your journey. :)  
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    @Michigan_Mike, your posts hit me hard in the Feelies. During the hard times and if one feels frozen as @ericnliz mentioned, I was told to "just do the next *right* thing in front of you". Sometimes, that may be just taking a nap, cleaning your coffee/tea/hot choc mug or even making coffee, tea or hot choc. I can't seem to find the most comforting words to give to you. Just know I really wish I could. My heart is with you and your family.
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    So sorry for your loss, Mike.
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    My thoughts are with you and your family Mike. 
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    Mike - I’m so sorry for your loss.  What a blessing to have had such a wonderful Mother in your life.  I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
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    Very sorry for your loss Mike, what a special lady your Mother was.  What wonderful memories you have to cherish.
    Happy Trails,
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    Sorry Mike....sounds like a super Mom
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    @Michigan_Mike, I have never met you or your Mom, but your loving words touched my heart.  My beloved Father (who I lost 11 years ago), used to say "None of us get out of here alive."  Your Mother leaves a legacy that inspires.  I am sorry for your loss, but also celebrate the many blessings your Mom had and shared with this world.
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    @Michigan_Mike ~ Sounds like she is dancing in a better place.  Sad that she has left us, but glad she has "gone home".  Prayers for you and your family.  It sounds as though she will live on in the hearts of many.
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    Just saw this post. So sorry for your loss. Your Mom sounds like she was so special. What a wonderful tribute!
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