New owner - 2020 [email protected] 400 BDL w/solar (weights & pics!)

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So I had been planning on reserving my ‘formal’ introduction until taking delivery of our new [email protected], but I just received the first pictures of our trailer coming off the line, and honestly can’t wait! My wife and I have been joking about ‘getting old and buying an RV’ for nearly 25 years, and it is our 25th anniversary gift to each other. I guess we have arrived! 

We put in our order for a 2020 [email protected] 400 Boondock Lite w/solar, and we are now about a week from delivery (incredibly, only 1 to 3 days prior to our anniversary date!). It will have all of the late 2019 and 2020 changes, including:

  • New (presumably faster-draining) bath sink, square (late-2019 change)
  • New Avia-style 'wand' shower head, single temp-control handle (late-2019 change)
  • Outlets near dinette moved below passenger-side cushion, WFCo moved to beneath passenger-side dinette seat
  • Dometic CoolCat A/C moved rearward (for weight & balance reasons); exterior screen for A/C intake on front-left driver side is thus gone (and is now a bottom intake, haven’t seen a picture yet?)
  • Kitchen sink no longer has p-trap, giving extra storage room (mid-2019 change)
  • New vinyl flooring, almost with a 'macro' cross-hatched appearance
  • ‘Booondock Edge’-style aluminum trays now installed on tongue
  • ***Tongue weight significantly decreased, somewhere in the neighborhood of 35# (don’t have actual weights yet, will update).***

nuCamp now has a proper scale, so apparently all products manufactured will now have the yellow ‘actual’ weight stickers applied.

Anyway, thrilled to become part of the nuCamp family, and can’t wait to start the next leg of our journey!



UPDATE: Just talked to nuCamp, and received the following info for confirmation:

  1. A/C unit is now an 'Elwell Air-8'  mounted beneath center-bed (no CoolCat). No heat pump, but has de-humidifier setting.
  2. Inverter moved to new WFCO location, under passenger-side dinette seat
  3. Countertop and table are no longer particle board, but the new foamcore material developed for the Cirrus
  4. Tire is returned to the mounting area behind tongue, underneath (was beneath bed for awhile)
  5. TONGUE WEIGHTS: 373 lbs dry, 386 lbs wet (for 400 BDL, 2-way fridge)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Number 5 is a great big "YAY!", having a 5000# tow vehicle, as I'll now not worry so much about looking for a W/D hitch solution...


2020 [email protected] Boondock Lite w/solar, TV is 2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD
Jeff --Front Range of Colorado


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