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A note from Scott Hubble, nuCamp CEO

The parts have a number assigned and our dealers have a corresponding list to sell off of. Feel free to post in the forum (and people can spread it throughout Facebook or other mediums – this is not protected information).

Please see attached file.


  • CbusguyCbusguy Posts: 226Member
    Is it more than a single page?
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  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Posts: 3,946Moderator
    No.  Maybe they will add more later?
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  • mrericmreric Posts: 101Member
    they should really open a amazon store for a bunch of popular items. 
  • MuttonChopsMuttonChops Posts: 472Member
    Cbusguy said:
    Is it more than a single page?
      Well it is a start . - . - . ;)
    More of an accessories price list then a Parts Price List

    BoonDock Handle is tempting, have always disliked the basic plastic one.
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  • rcuomorcuomo Posts: 170Member
    Not sure what to make of this MSRP parts list. Last August direct from Elsie the door cargo pouches were $16.29 each. They now appear to be $32.48 each (not specific on price list if the price shown is for two).  And the cargo nettings were $30 for both sides and now they appear to be $20.87 each (again not specific if pricing is for two). So it appears previously we received a discount off of MSRP if we purchased direct and now we are subject to the stress of dealer pricing.  Interesting.
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