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After a less than stellar experience with my local dealer I contacted Patsy at Miller via email.   Based on this forums recommendation. 

We knew what we wanted but had a couple of questions on cost because it was in the middle of a model year change. 2019 to 2020    A couple of emails later had my quote with everything we requested.     We sent them the requested deposit amount and they gave us an approximate delivery window and even offered to meet us to deliver the trailer as it was a good distance, 500 miles, to their dealership.  Zero hassle.

A week before delivery,  Patsy calls and said their was a production issue with the trailer and it was accidentally built with solar and I could accept it as built or they would build me a new one.  Okay,  free solar win.   We took it as built.

Delivery day arrived we met Preston and Sam at the campground,  they completed the dealer prep and walk thru,  He took the time to label valves under the benches and even provided a winterizing connection for the water pump.   a nice touch.    

Thank goodness we stopped at the winery before we met Preston as it rained buckets from the end of the walk thru till the following morning.   An excellent first night.

We really appreciate the zero pressure and no hassle approach the Miller's have.     The personal service was outstanding.    I just can't say enough positive.   Really happy with the trailer and Dealer we chose to do business with.

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    Always great to hear about GOOD dealer experiences!


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    Yea for an amazing dealer!!  We need more!
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    Other than the factory nobody besides Preston works on my 2 teardrops- both purchased from Patsy

    The Miller’s are awesome to work with
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    We bought our first [email protected] in 2012 from the Millers. Even contacted them with a question a couple of weeks ago about our latest 2018 Boondock Edition [email protected] They are, indeed, great!
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    This is why they ha e such a stellar reputation!

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    @Cbusguy, congratulations on scoring a GREAT deal.  Nice to hear good stories like yours.  I am curious what sort of winterizing connection they provided you for the water pump.  Can you post a photo at your convenience?  Thanks!  (Greg)
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    We just purchased and took delivery of our 2019 320s from Miller Trailer sales THIS WEEK ! 
    They were not our "local" nuCamp dealer , but it was worth the almost 3 hour ride to get to them . See here it is with "niche" campers .........Miller Trailer sales ONLY sells nuCamp products and thats a REALLY important thing . Our more local dealer sold nuCamp , but also, LOTS of other mongo sized rv's and brands too . We kind of felt a little "unimportant" when we wanted to look at those "little mini campers" . Its almost like when they found out we were not looking at a giant size camper , they kind of brushed us off . That really didn't sit so well with us . 
    Luckily we found Miller Trailer Sales who ONLY deals with nuCamp products . From the very first phone call , we knew we found the right dealer ! Terry in sales is absolutely a joy to work with . Right from the very start , she just had a "I am on it" attitude . Checked features , and specs , answered any and all of our questions , texted us a TON of pictures without us even asking , and was always available to snap a picture of anything we wanted to see or answer any question we had on the 320s we were interested in . Never had that "your bothering me" attitude ! 
    We made arrangements to take the almost 3 hour ride to see and pick up the unit in a 1 trip deal . 
    Well , some things got in the way of that (Prestons and Patsys family vacation week!) , so we still made the trip to visit with Terry , and see the [email protected] we were interested in (They have a LOT in stock, including Cirrus , and all the models of Tab & Tag ). After we knew we made the right decision on selecting the perfect 320s for us (and Dealer) .........we had to drive all the way home without it  :|  . The price was great , and Patsy offered to deliver it to us when they returned from vacation so we wouldn't have to make another trip !!! Seriously , what other dealer does this stuff !?!?! 
    Anyway , Preston and Patsy returned home from vacation on Saturday afternoon , unloaded their stuff , and hooked up to our 320s and made the 3 hour trip to deliver our unit . They arrived about 7 on  Saturday night . We spent about 2 hours going over everything , then they left around 9pm for home .(prob didnt get home till midnight , after just returning home from vacation the same day !) . 

    Talk about a STELLAR dealer !  Really couldn't have asked for a better experience purchasing our 2019 320s . Price was fantastic , as was the customer service . 

    If anyone is looking for anything nuCamp ANYWHERE close to the Philly PA.  area , do your self a favor and just head to Miller Trailer sales . How ever long the drive will be worth it . 

    Oh yea ....... here is a picture of our new "non mongo sized" [email protected]  

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    @B0atguy, congratulations on your trailer! We're sure you have many wonderful adventures to come. Should we pass you on the road sometime, we'll be the crazies waving! 
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    If nuCamp ever started a, "Dealer of Distinction" award. The first 2 would have to go to Millers and Princesscraft. Outstanding reputations.

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    We also purchased from the Miller’s (while at America’s Largest RV Show last year).  We had gone specifically so we could check out the 320’s vs everything else that was out there.  WE couldn’t be happier with our purchase or them. And Terry is the best! She’s such a great asset to the team!
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    They are a great team. Bought my tab 400 boondock lite from there. Very helpful, reasonable price, very patient with me and my myriads of questions. Only problem is that during part of the year they dont have a helper and it can be difficult to contact them. But they are always helpful and know the campers well, they even camp in one. I dont regret my purchse from them. Had a few problems and they helped me through it.
    I would love them to be closer that 4 1/2 hours from my house, but the local rv places have poor after sales service and support. These guys will give you contact info for the right person to discuss your issue with if they can't fix it.  I had Alde issues and the enginer they put me in touch withI spoke was awesome, and fixed all my issues over the phone.
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