Rooftop vent screen

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I was going around our new [email protected] putting screens on the various penetrations.  I pulled the cap off the roof vent above the shower (is that the black tank vent?) and found this little gem already installed from the factory.  I was puzzled because this appears it would work on the side vent (under the antenna port) as well, yet there is not a screen on that one. 
I knew I'd never be able to explain what part I wanted to the dealer so I emailed NuCamp.  Elsie said she was unaware that they were installing anything like this.
So, I ask the forum.  Can anyone ID this screen so I can get another one for the side vent?  It is flanged so it doesn't look like any of the Camco screens I've seen.  And it's stuck in place with sealant so I don't want to pull it off to see if there is a number on the other side unless I really have to.
O, if it helps, this is a 2019 320S Boondock Lite.

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