How loud is your water pump?

2017 CS-S

Winterized/dewinterized by the dealer. This year they said the water pump was damaged and replaced it at dealer expense. Cool.

But it's really loud. Was it always this loud (I might have happy memories)? Or did the dealer possibly replace with a cheap loud substitute?

After we get unpacked and cleaned up I'll probably go see if there's a label on it.
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  • webers3webers3 Member Posts: 255
    It is very loud. Sounds like a jackhammer. Tried the suggestions on the forum but nothing helped, next thing to try is adjusting the pressure on the pump itself.
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  • berggerbergger Member Posts: 306
    It's a normally loud, some hammering, as it pressurizes the lines.  After that it's pretty quiet when it kicks on. 
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  • LonesomeRoadLonesomeRoad Member Posts: 45
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  • gophergradgophergrad Member Posts: 106
    Thank you from keeping me from going to start a fight with my RV dealer at 95F :-)
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  • VictoriaPVictoriaP Member Posts: 1,031
    They’re all loud.
    That said, the screws that mount it may need a bit of tightening. And in some Tab models, you may benefit from a bit of pipe insulation in spots. Once I tightened the screws on mine and insulated the pipes in the shower wall, the noise level muted noticeably.

    It’s still louder than I like, this is one item that hasn’t benefitted from advances in technology. Same pump manufacturer and same noise-level as in my first motorhome 30 years ago. 🙄
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  • lkc001lkc001 Member Posts: 661
    Yes they are all loud!  Especially when pressurizing the lines.
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  • Tundra57Tundra57 Member Posts: 629
    Mine bangs sway. Some pulsing of water flow from faucets. New pump too. Exactly the same pump. Prrssure switch failed on old one.
  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 3,293
    Tundra57, If the pump is banging it may still have some air in the lines.  Hook up,to city/shore water and fully pressurize your water lines, galley and shower.  Then turn off shore water and try the pump again, it should be a little quieter with a constant hum sound.
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  • Basil48192Basil48192 Member Posts: 111
    Agreed.  It is relatively loud, but once the air is purged mine works well and pretty 'consistently'.
  • rhynorhyno Member Posts: 311
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    Our pump was crazy loud when we first got our camper with water hammer noise in several areas. We added some pipe insulation to areas where the lines were vibrating and that helped a lot. To remove air in the lines, we do the following with the pump on:
    1. Run toilet, sinks, and indoor/outdoor showers until they run smoothly on cold and hot water
    2. Create the air cushion for the Alde by following this guide:
    3. Open the low point drain valves briefly if issue persists, then try step 1 again
    Any residual noise usually works itself out as we use the camper over the next day or so.
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  • gophergradgophergrad Member Posts: 106
    Oh thank you very much. I'll try that next time.
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  • ScottGScottG Moderator Posts: 4,641
    Agreed.  It is relatively loud, but once the air is purged mine works well and pretty 'consistently'.
    Yep. Getting the air purged seems to be the bugaboo for me, and I've yet to figure out a reliable method to make it happen. Some times everything settles right in, other times the pump complains for most of the trip.

    Hmmm. That could describe me, too...  ;-) 
  • rhynorhyno Member Posts: 311
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    I havent seen it mentioned yet in this thread but cleaning the strainer basket on the pump might help. I have also had luck with rotating the strainer basket position slightly to purge any air that may be trapped there, provided your type of fittings allow for the adjustment. 
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