Are you team dark wood or team light wood?

nüCamp ntroduced a dark wood option in addition to the birch for the hardwood cabinetry in the 2021 [email protected] 320.

Which do you prefer?

Are you team dark wood or team light wood? 61 votes

Team dark wood
jkjennkellywSpruce1ontheroadAbeona1marjamr2003vibe 7 votes
Team light wood
NormfunSweetlyHomeTabsterBethHMouseketabTabaz ScottGdb_cooperjgram2JohnDanielsCPATabberJohnwebers3OlenaBirdieJaneDINDAnLANrkj__[Deleted User]BrianZMuttonChopsNCNative 54 votes

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  • CrabTabCrabTab Member Posts: 94
    Team light wood
    Just a personal preference to a more natural color of wood, in this case birch. Woodworkers use stain to conceal imperfections or to imitate a more expensive, richer color wood (i.e. cherry or walnut).  Also, I feel darker colors tend to make a space look smaller.
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  • targtarg Member Posts: 71
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    Team light wood
    I'm just glad we got ours in 2019.  The new dark scheme is terribly depressing.  And the white walls/ceilings are too clinical.
    I know that's where the whole industry is going, but blech!  Give it a few years though and the light color will be the new 'in' thing again.
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  • ontheroadontheroad Member Posts: 185
    Team dark wood
    I'm with you Jenn! the crispness of it against the white!
  • VictoriaPVictoriaP Member Posts: 449
    Not an either/or question for me. Light wood on the 320, dark on the 400. Dark wood makes small spaces look smaller yet. The 400 is just big enough to carry it off, while the dark stain makes the 320 look even more cramped. I do like the white, I just wish they’d gone with one or two shades warmer (not as far as ivory). I agree with @targ, the current white is a bit too clinical and stark. 

    I’m very pleased they’re back to offering the cabinet choices though! (For the record, have lived with dark cabinets and trim at home for years. They look great in big rooms with high ceilings...which only half of the house has. The other half of the rooms look small and dark!)
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  • CherokeeCherokee Member Posts: 120
    Team light wood
    one of NuCamp's BEST recent moves is to offer the birch mill-work as an option!
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  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 502
    I like a combo of both, mostlynlight birch with dark accents, like the galley cabinet fronts in the video from the Texas dealer.
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  • dragonsdoflydragonsdofly Member Posts: 1,250
    Prefer the light wood. Just personal choice.
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  • SweetlyHomeSweetlyHome Member Posts: 256
    Team light wood
    We have seen the dark 320 and felt it made it feel smaller.  We ordered our 400 to get the Birch accent color, cheerier and more open feeling.  Nucamp has also been wise in our opinion to not over tint the windows.  Some RVs we have visited have been dark and depressing even on sunny days.
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  • jkjennjkjenn Member Posts: 5,765
    Team dark wood
    I had the chance to be inside both the dark and light 2021 32p's last week. I could not sense a difference. The white walls really open up the feel of the trailer. 

    Both sets of cabinets are made with hardwood, but I would be perfectly fine with engineered wood. I know, woodworkers might be aghast, but it is lighter and in many cases stronger and to me, the aesthetic doesn't suffer. 

    I am excited to see a fresh, modern look for the 320. It is such a clean look and overall both the interior and exterior of the 2021 320 have a less cluttered feel, which is helpful if you have any claustrophobic tendencies.

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  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 502
    Plywood is engineered wood, made from layers of real wood.  So called  “Synthetic” type “wood” replacements, like Trek, have greater movement in temperature and humidity changes, and this can be very problematic in a small camper.  I like the ply nuCamp had chosen to use, a nice high quality furniture grade Baltic birch plywood, which costs twice what most lesser grade “shop” plywood does, and has no voids or fill in patches.  It is also stronger per mm of thickness.
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  • ginsbujginsbuj Member Posts: 27
    Team light wood
    I believe the light wood back when my parents had it in our house was called blond. Personally it depends on many factors. The shades of grey are super popular in remodels of homes these days and it looks great but also a bit drab over time. The dark looks nice viewing the TAB however living in it would be depressing. The blond makes it look much larger just like a big mirror in a small room opens it up. Each to his own. 
  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Administrator Posts: 2,589
    Team 400 Light. 👍🏻
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  • B0atguyB0atguy Member Posts: 111
    Team light wood
    We are all "Team Light wood" ! 
    When looking for our 320S in 2019 , the 2020's were already out . We HATED the interior dark wood color scheme so much, that we actually had to look for a "left over" 2019 to avoid it . (when the 2020's first came out , there was NO optional light wood option , only dark) . If we could not find a light wood model, we would NOT have purchased a 320. 
    It took some searching , but we were able to find the perfect "light wood" 2019 320s we were looking for ......all for a great price too (since it was barely into "leftover" status)! 

    The light wood just gives the interior such a nice warm feel to it ! 

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  • ontheroadontheroad Member Posts: 185
    Team dark wood
    @jkjenn... I think I may be in the minority with you but when we bought our [email protected] we didn't have a choice..and I LOVE the contrast with the white and funny I don't like the light they're offering in the [email protected]!
  • marjamrmarjamr Member Posts: 24
    Team dark wood
    You know what they say, “opinions are like(you know), everybody has one.”
    I say just enjoy your preference, don’t disparage others and just be glad you have a choice. 
  • jgram2jgram2 Member Posts: 1,492
    Team light wood
    I’d go with dark if I had a fake fireplace, the [email protected] walls lined with leather bound books, a red leather tufted chair and a decanter of fine port at my side. Cozy. Especially in winter. Oh. I forgot my faithful hound at my feet. Otherwise it’s light for me.
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