surge protector?

I've seen surge protector recommended. Where would a surge protector go? not outside in the rain. I don't understand where to use one.
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    I hardwired ours in the alde compartment in or 400.  The display is mounted by the light switch near the closet.  This allows me to check what is going on.  Hardwired means to me it is protected inside and not outside.  I have the delay set to give extra time checking the Alde is off before the power comes on.
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    @melpeter, the surge protector is usually plugged into the pedestal/power source. Many of the more complex ones detect bad connections, reversed polarity, etc so you plug into the pedestal and check to make sure everything is wired correctly. After that check, you plug the [email protected]'s power cord into the surge protector. These are exterior units, not the kind inside your house, and specifically made for the rigors of the environment. Some people will pull a large heavy-duty garbage bag over the pedestal and connection and bungie or tape it in place, but is not actually required. Just like the power cord of the [email protected] can take the cold, heat, rain and sun, this type of surge protector is made to do just that. Btw, we just experienced plugging into a pedestal this fall and found it to have reversed polarity. When we notified the office of the rv park, they insisted it was not possible to have reversed polarity. My husband drew an electrical diagram of how it was improperly wired and what would have to be done to correct the problem. We plugged into another properly wired pedestal eventually. That unit was worth all that we had paid for it and 10 times more because it saved us from possibly damaging all the electronics in the [email protected], and anything ese we may have plugged in. I highly recommend you purchase one, learn how to use it, faithfully connect through it. -Denise
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    The term "surge protector" is rather misleading although these devices are usually referred to as such.  They are really much more than just protection from electrical surges.  They are properly called "electrical management systems (EMS)" and protect you from surges, reversed polarity, over/under voltage, brownouts, hot grounds, other mis-wired pedestal effects, and even more.
    Look up an outfit called Progressive Industries for a good explanation of what they can do.  Progressive Industries is not the only game in town, others offer similar systems, but Progressive Industries is one of the major names.
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    thanks! ok, now I see all these different models at Progressive Industries. I'm clueless. I don't need 50 amps, right? So EMS-HW30C would be the one I need? oops. that one is hard wired. EMS-PT30X would be the one to buy?
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    Those are the correct models. 
    Although the hard wired unit requires (relatively simple) installation, it solves all the weather and theft concerns and is always in place, ready to protect.
    Ours has been protecting [email protected] for ~7 years.
    Have fun!!

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    @melpeter, yes the EMS PT30X is a portable system appropriate for your TaB.  It has all the advanced warnings to keep your electricals safe.  You will need to get a cable lock and chain it to the electrical pedestal.  They are fine to be left out in the rain, but we cover ours lightly.  While it is true that the interior installed units have a convenience and anti-theft advantage, the portables work just fine, too.  
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    @melpeter this is my setup. I also have a 30 to 110 dog bone for plugging in at home, and carry a 30 to 50 end if I ever needed it. So far it’s never been used, but I’ve got it. This setup has worked great for me as I just wind the bike cable around the pole and lock it up. Never had problems in two years. 
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