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    Oh, I hate this. So sorry.

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    @Tabnero, the question more likely is "what is covered by your insurance?" I think nüCamp could repair it by replacing the entire front to back roof skin. Will your insurance cover a repair like that? Do you have a deductible amount? It is possible that a dealership or experienced body shop could do the repair well with guidance from nüCamp, but what will any of that cost? And how long will that take? I almost wish that the rock had smashed your window. That would have been DIY repairable and financially manageable.  As @jkjenn said, I hate this. Keep us informed as to your progress with this. Btw, that front/ top/back skin is supposed to be aluminum, and most good body shops should be able to handle a spot repair.
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    Not to make light, but if all else fails, I see a nice decal in your future.
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    This is so sad.  Perhaps the bathroom access door provides enough space to push out the dent from the inside.  Still won't be pretty, but might make it less unsightly.
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    In any case, you'll need to finish the patch to match the color of the skin. I don't see that as being an inexpensive job. A body shop could tell you.

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    Stuff happens when you actually use your trailer.  Agree with Tabaz might try flattening it back out from the access panel,  other than that give nucamp a call and see what getting the top skin replaced and then make the insurance claim.   That is why you pay the insurance company all that money.... 

    A bit of guerrilla tape to get it home then a call to the insurance company.
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    Is your [email protected] a Sofitel? If so that is an aluminum skin. It will require a different type of repair. I would fill in the void and as mentioned earlier find a sticker. Maybe an American flag.
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    I think all [email protected] have an aluminum skin roof. The regular sidewalls are not, so maybe that is different on Sofitels or other models?
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    If you are OK covering it with a decal, Bondo could be an affordable fix for you. My dad kept an old truck passing a NY state inspections by repairing rusted out parts with old coffee cans and Bondo.

    On a lighter note, for dog shows, actually working dogs with scars do not have those held against them in judging if obtained in the line of work. Maybe the same could be said of [email protected]?

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    I don't know this is good or bad.  I looked at an Outback last year with approximate same damage.  They only were asking $11,500 for a 2017.  This small booboo made it a salvage unit because insurance totaled it due the cost to repair.  My buddy bought it for $10k, patched it as jkjenn stated and put an Outback sticker over it. Which looked like it came that way.   Would never know unless disclosed at selling time. 
    Put a sticker over it.
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    I'd probably go the fill-it-and-sticker-it route myself, but whatever you do I'd be careful that the repair forms a good seal over and around the damage. I suspect water infiltration into the wall "sandwich" would not be a good thing.
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    Try to pull it out from the outside with a hook type of tool , and get it as close to flat and original as you can . Sand it down a bit. Use some JB Weld on it ......probably marine weld will work the best . (This stuff is used on aluminum engines and cases ! ). Might need a little filler . Sand it down ,apply, sand apply ......to get it as smooth as possible . Lightly paint with the closest matching automotive paint you can find and/or slap a nice sticker on it . Done ......
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    If that happens to ours I'd go the repair/decal route.  I'd rather disclose the repair when selling than have a salvage title for something so cosmetic.

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    I'm in the camp of doing a repair to seal the area so water can't get in, then a cool sticker or a splat sticker.  I purchased my unit used and it had some slight hail damage and a rock hit (not as deep as yours) on the front.   I am going to get some stickers for a few of the dimples--they rest can't be seen from the ground.  I still love it, even though it has a few flaws. . . . 
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    If you want to achieve a virtually perfect repair you should consider taking it to a body shop. They will sand out the area surrounding, fill it and then color match spray it. They should be able to get very close to an original finish...but expect to pay about $500 for the work. Your insurance might cover the repair.
    If you want to repair it yourself you can do exactly what a body shop will do...sand the area surrounding to get a surface that will hold bondo and then very carefully fill the divot with a two part auto body filler. Once it is cured you can then carefully sand it to smooth it out. The paint can be matched by an auto parts/paint supply store. For about $25 dollars they can provide you with a relatively close custom mixed match to the finish in a spray can. You should resit any temptation to try pulling the stretched and now work hardened aluminum out before making the repair...you'll probably end up raising the surrounding area and making it worse than it already is.
    If you have never done body work before do not expect the result to be "professional". It is really hard to hide sanding marks, get the patch leveled to the surrounding area and blend paint...Adequate is easy, pro you can't tell it's been repaired..not so easy. Your fall back is a vinyl sticker pasted over the top. How about these bullet hole decals?https://uedata.amazon.com/Bullet-Holes-Vinyl-Decal-Kit/dp/B0007ZGNFO
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