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Hot off the presses, re using the Alde control panel............basic information, but helpful.  I hope they will issue similar relevant videos on a regular basis in the future.  As far as the Alde, it would be nice if they could do one that describes "how" the Alde actually operates to heat the camper cabin and hot water.  This will be a great service if nuCamp keeps it going and answers the recurring questions that [email protected] owners ask.
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    Creed is the gentleman who answers your questions at [email protected] , by the way. A very nice young gentleman with an amazing wealth of knowledge on the nüCamp products. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will go down to the production floor and find the answers. 
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    Additional kudos for Creed.  He was very helpful to me regarding my factory installed solar panel when I was looking to change the charge controller to a Victron unit. 
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    Here’s another Tech Talk from Creed “ Jow to adjust your Alde mixing valve”:

    Chris wants to know why he's only getting around 10 seconds of hot water before it switches back to cold. Have the same question? Creed has your solution! 

    In this Tech Talk, Creed explains how you can adjust your Alde mixing valve to allow for more hot water. Now you can enjoy warmer water in your teardrop camper!

    Have a great weekend and happy adventuring!

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    Very edgy music, but there was no mention of backing out the screw!
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    The newest Tech Talk concerning the Battery Disconnect switch:

    In this Tech Talk, Creed explains the purpose of your battery disconnect switch and how you can use it to preserve energy when you're boondocking. 

    Thank you, Lisa, for the great question and Creed for the helpful explanation. Have a wonderful weekend and happy adventuring!
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    Well would of been nice to address if this disconnects the factory solar too? I haven't checked this yet to know for sure, I thought I read someplace the solar is always hooked to the battery and bypasses the switch?
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    Can you simply trace the wires in your own trailer? If both leads from the solar controller run directly to the battery, that the disconnect should not affect solar charging.
    Alternatively--if you have a way of checking it such as a display or power indicator--park in the sun and look to see if your controller stays on when the battery is disconnected. IIRC mine is powered from the battery and will turn off if the unplugged from the battery. I'm not absolutely certain all controllers work the same way, however.
    Another point that might have been addressed in the video is the effect of the disconnect on the breakaway breaking system. On my 320 a disconnect installed at the battery would leave the breakaway brakes unpowered in the event of a trailer separation. I believe the same applies to the 400. There has been much debate and  misinformation (including some from the factory) over this subject in the past.

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    @ScottG yes I am capable of figuring that out and will, it just seems these three Tech videos produced so far are more basic than basic and leave a lot unsaid each week. Maybe we will get a bit more meat as the get more time under their belt?
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    These were very helpful introduction videos for me.  Perhaps they can do a 101 version like this for those of us just starting our journey then add a 102 version for those wanting more technical information.
  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 725
    The factory solar system is Not disconnected with the battery shut off switch, the solar panel is a,ways charging the battery unless disconnected by the Victron controller.  You an test this quite easily, turn off the battery switch, then log on to the Victron controller with your smart phone application, and you will see the Victron is charging the battery.  If you have the Victron battery monitor, it’s display will also show the battery is charging.
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