Water for toilet flushing

We’re camping and our toilet has been operating fine. But all of a sudden it has stopped swirling water. Our fresh water tank is 2/3 full. We’re new to the 320, so any recommendations on how to troubleshoot would be appreciated.
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    @Buckster, when you say the toilet "has stopped swirling water," do you mean that no water is entering the toilet bowl when you pull on the flush handle?  Is there any flow of water, even if just minimal?

    Does water come out of the kitchen sink when you open the water valve?  Assuming it is, then the pump is working and the issue is not likely due to a problem with the pump or a blown fuse, but do you hear the water pump cycling (or attempting to cycle) when you pull on the toilet flush handle?

    Also, just to be clear, since you say that the fresh water tank is 2/3 full, is it correct to assume that you are relying on water from the fresh water tank and not connected to a campground or other water spigot as your water source?
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    Is pump on and keeping pressure?  Our 2021 320s has air leak but not water leak at more than one pex compression fitting.  We have to reprime pump intermittently.  Water bottle and short 3/4 inch hose to the manifold Sanitize fitting.  Pump water in. Shut pump switch back to boondock mode, cycle pump until pressurized.  A real nuisance once or several  times a day when on the road.  

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    Thanks for the responses. I’ll ask a silly follow-up question? Does the water pump need to be on for the water to come out and swirl around the bowl? I turned the pump on this morning and everything worked flawlessly. We had been attempting to “flush” in the middle of the night without first turning on the pump. Could that have caused the issue?
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    Yes.  When you boondock you need to turn on the pump to use any water.  Remember to turn off the pump if you leave your campsite.
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    A home toilet, and some cassette toilets have a reservoir with water in them to flush the toilet.  However, the TaBs and most RVs have toilets that are directly connected to the trailer’s water system to flush the waste.  So when not connected to City water, you need to have the water pump on to flush the toilet.

    A water pump switch in the washroom would be nice to allow turning the pump on and off at nighttime.  
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    By the way... turning on your pump, letting it run until it shuts itself off, then shutting off the pump switch leaves enough pressure in the water system for quite a few "flushes" - likely enough to get through a few night time uses without cycling on that noisy pump. The "on-suite" bedroom isn't really that far from the bathroom, noise-wise...
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    Alternatively, if the pump is likely to wake a sleeping partner, leave it switched off & keep a gallon jug of water in the bathroom. Open the valve & use the jug to rinse down the contents. (Many do the same thing using RV antifreeze during winterized camping.)
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