HITCH DROP. Can someone please just help. I can’t figure this out.

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So, I measured the car and it’s 16 3/4” to the car measurement (A) and 15 3/4” when I asked Den to get in the back of our Ford Edge to make it heavier. NüCamp says to expect 16”(B) for the Boondock. I understand both of these measurements may fluctuate based on weight in the TV and/or the [email protected] so I think we want an adjustable. We won’t be towing anything but the [email protected] Is this what I need? Is there anything I am missing? Thank you so much! My brain is exhausted from reading and learning for sure.


and then do you recommend a stainless steel ball so it doesn’t rust? It’s about twice the price.


I am a a nervous wreck trying to get all of this in order. Our [email protected] is off the line, Austin finishes our mods today so it’s time for that last minute hustle.


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